• Bob and Judy E., California

    .. my wife Judy and I were part of the BAS “Exclusive Israel” tour last October. We have to say without reservation that it was the most informative, interesting, and fulfilling tour we have ever been on. Your leadership, experience, contacts, and expertise made the trip exceptionally worthwhile for us. We saw and learned so […]

  • Thierry Delcour, Audi Test Driver

    “Danny is the perfect guide to visit Israel! His huge knowledge, flexibility and talent to entertain people are the best ingredients for a remarkable trip. He is a realy demanded guide that I was happy he could take some time for me. Danny is the best, believe me!”


Shalom and welcome to Israel! 

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I am an Israeli-born (“Sabra“), and a former IDF sergeant major (paratroopers).

I have an MA in archaeology as well as a Masters in Business Administation.

I lecture on archaeology at the Hebrew University  and at a number of Tour Guide courses  

Since 2007 I have been operating a private tour company,  offering the highest quality, customized touring experience across Israel.

I can also set transportation, accomodation, and nutrition  :-) , but above all, I strive to be a “cultural mediator”, presenting the Land of Israel, with all its tastes, beauty, sanctity, and complexity.

In 2014 I was awarded (again) with a “Certificate of Excellence” by “Trip Advisor”, based  on the sheer number of positive  testimonials, like the ones below:

If you are intersted in booking me (or one of MY TEAM), fill out this contact form, and I will be happy be at your service!


I look forward to hearing from you.


Danny Herman







Latest Blog Insert:

The War With the Hamas – Hypocrisy vs Facts

Lets face it. The raging war between Israel and the Hamas is mostly over its consciousness in eyes of the World. The western world builds its opinion upon its media. Yet reporters broadcasting from Gaza are allowed to report only what Hamas lets them. And the only subject, it seems, are injured and dead children. […]

“Danny the Digger” Becomes “PLATINUM MAN”!..

14.8.14 I am very sorry to say that I broke the edge of my pelvis a few days ago. Making use of the ceasefire this last Saturday (9.8.14), I could finally take my kids on a bike ride to the new extreme bike park near us, yet at some point I fell bad on my […]

Rockets are Flying, and I am Touring with Hershel Shanks!

For months I was waiting to the visit of Hershel Shanks, Editor of BAR, as we planned a tour to the north. The week before his arrival, Hamas started launching rockets at Israel. Yet both my summer class at the Hebrew U was executed, with only some minor changes, and this week Hershel showed up, and […]

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  • רותם בן דהן, אינטל

    .. תודה רבה!!. היה מוצלח מאוד והחברה מאוד נהנו והדרכתך הינה חלק אינטגראלי בהצלחת היום. מצפה לשיתוף פעולה נוסף בהמשך דרכנו. בברכה, רותם בן דהן, אינטל ישראל

  • חדוה ליבנה

    לדני שלום, רציתי לעדכן אותך שכל החברים בקבוצה נהנו מאד  וחזרו נלהבים מההדרכה, המסלול והחוויה. שוב תודה לך על היום המרתק  ! נשמח לטייל אתך שוב , נבדוק אופציות לשנה הבאה. ערב טוב חדוה