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Shalom and Welcome to Israel!

My name is Danny Herman, yet being an archaeologist for many years,  I am also known by my nickname, “Danny the Digger” (and I still hold a teaching position at the Herbew University).

I specialize in Private and VIP Guided Tours, aiming to provide a unique and high level touring experience across Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

Some of the tours are conducted by my partners, Fredi Wiesner and Edan Geva. In addition my team of colleagues can conduct many more tours, and in  a wide range of languages. 

With Dr. Oz and Rabbi Smuly Boteach , 2015

Together we cater many clients, both private and VIP tour projects, Celebreties;

Just to name a few: Dr. Oz, John Deere’s CEO, Go Daddy’s CEOGoogle’s VP, Apple’s VP, Walmart’s VP, Samsung’s President, BAR Editor Hershel Shanksa few Noble Prize Winners, and even A Nigerian King.. 

Danny is terrific. He is equally qualified introducing the first timers to the most popular sites in Israel and, on the other hand, instructing the experts regarding the obscure and little known sites few are aware of.

Hershel ShanksEditor Emeritus,  Biblical Archaeology Review

Occasionally we also appear on various international media productions ( “The Watchman”, The Travel Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, “Bible VR” app,  and more.


See a demo of presenting to “The Watchman”, Erick Stakelbeck, The Archaeological Treasures presented of the Israel Museum:

Or guiding the “Three Surfers” (the Gudauskas brothers) across Jerusalem:

And many more videos HERE..

Ready to want to order us?..

See a sample of single day tour offers below:

For a small group we can provide transportation in a nice new SUV (Chevy Traverse 2018), or a comfy Minibus

We can also set various “Extreme” activitiesaccommodation,  and nutrition :-).

But mostly we try to act as a “cultural mediator” introducing the Holy Land with all it’s beauties, sanctities – and complexities..

How long is a tour?
We work on a daily basis, and for about 10 hours

Where do we Meet?
It’s a private tour!. We meet at your hotel, or where ever you want!.

What is the cost?
Unfortunately it is hard to cash livestock, gold ingots, or even Saracean slaves any more.. :-). Being so, the cost is $600 USD for a day tour by foot, $650-$850 for a full day tour + transportation (up to 6 passengers, and depends on mileage). On Shabbath we cahrge and extra $100.

Are we worth it?   Well in 2018 we were awarded, again (for the Eighth time!..), with a “Certificate of Excellence” by “Tripadvisor”, based  on the sheer number of positive  testimonials, like the ones below:  

“..My brother in law found Danny the Digger through a friend of his. Of the two guides I experienced on my trip to Israel, Danny was not only the best, but the only one of value. Danny’s scientific approach to explaining the sites, religious and secular, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…” Ken Charm, USA
Want to get a tour offer? Contact us via email (info@dannythedigger.com), or through this contact form.
Danny Herman

גם לכם מגיע אורח חשוב מחו”ל?.. 😉

danny the guideאני והצוות שלי מתמחים בסיורים פרטיים לתיירים בישראל, כולל אורחי חברות הי-טק, סטרטאפים, בנקים, מוסדות ממשלתיים, מוסדות אקדמים, ועוד.

אנחנו יכולים לספק חווית סיור מודרך איכותית בשפות שונות,  כולל אנגלית, גרמנית, סינית, ספרדית, פורטוגזית, צרפתיתאיטלקית, פולנית, רוסית, ועוד.
על איכות השירות שלנו ניתן ללמוד מעשרות ההמלצות באתר “טריפאדבייסור“, כמו גם מכתבי תודה של הלקוחות שלנו.
אם תרצו נשמח גם לחבר אתכם  עם ממליצים מהתחום שלכם!.
נשמח לעמוד לשרותכם
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