Shalom and welcome to Israel! 

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I am an Israeli-born (“Sabra“), and a former IDF sergeant major (paratroopers).

I have an MA in archaeology as well as a Masters in Business Administration.

I lecture on archaeology at the Hebrew University  and at a number of Tour Guide courses  

Since 2007 I have been operating a private tour company,  offering the highest quality, customized touring experience across Israel.

I can also set transportation, accommodation, and nutrition :-) , but above all, I strive to be a “cultural mediator”, presenting the Land of Israel, with all its tastes, beauty, sanctity, and complexity.

In 2014 I was awarded (again) with a “Certificate of Excellence” by “Tripadvisor”, based  on the sheer number of positive  testimonials, like the ones below:


If you are interested in booking me (or one of MY TEAM), fill out this contact form, and I will be happy be at your service!
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Danny Herman
Private tours, Archaeological Expertise
Is it Safe to Come to Israel now?


Many people expect Israel to be a dengerous destination because of the media. Yet they find the touring experience to be very safe and positive.

The tourists destinations are all quite and inviting, as usuall.



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Presenting the Monastery of the Cross

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Peter Shalen [Tripadvisor]

Danny led our group on a three-hour tour of the Old City. He was probably the best tour guide I have had in my life, and I’m 68. He is an archeologist and an expert on the history and archeology of Jerusalem, including the history of the three major monotheistic religions. I’ve been studying Jewish history for decades and learned many things that I didn’t know. The tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, with his explanations, of what we were seeing, were amazing. He delivers his explanations with sensitivity, charm and humor. You should hire him as a

Teri D., USA [Tripadvisor]

I just returned from my first trip to Israel, where because of business, I had only one day to spend in Jerusalem. On the recommendation of a colleague and friend, I got in touch with Danny via email, setting up a day with him in Jerusalem. My experience with Danny exceeded all my expectations and provided me with a complex, informed perspective on what at the very least is a complex place. As a woman traveling solo without her husband, I felt completely comfortable with Danny, and it was clear that he was looking out for my welfare in addition

Guiding Hershel Shanks, editor of BAR

For months I was waiting to the visit of Hershel Shanks, Editor of BAR, as we planned a tour to the north. The week before his arrival, Hamas started launching rockets at Israel. Yet both my summer class at the Hebrew U was executed, with only some minor changes, and this week Hershel showed up, and with his Jeruslaem correspandance, Sue Singer, and his daughter, Julia Shanks, and their spouses, we went for a great day of touring the north, visiting Beth Shearim , Sepphoris , and Magdala  (!). The next day, I was honored to have my other “Rabbi” Dr. Gabi Barkay lecture