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Christian Three Days Tour

Day 1 – Galilee

Our first day will be devoted to exploring the GALILEE. We start the Jesus’ hometown  –  Nazareth .  Strolling through the local market, we visit the  Church of Annunciation  (Luke 1), and the “Synagogue church ” (Luke 4).

We then continue to Cana  to learn about the “first miracle of Jesus” (John 2), and after a lunch in a local fish restaurant (“Saint Peter fish any one?” 🙂 ) we visit “The town of Jesus” –  Capernaum .

If time permits we could also visit the  Mount of Beatitudes ,  Magdala , “Church of the Primacy of Peter” , or  “Sea of Galilee Boat“  exhibit, before heading back.


Day 2 – Bethlehem and Jerusalem

We start with a drive to the check point, where a Palestinian guide will take into Bethlehem  to visit the Church of Nativity  .

When Returning from Bethlehem we will drive to Mount of Olives Viewpoint , visit the Chapel of the Ascension , and driving by the Church of the Pater Noster , and Dominus Flevit  visit the Garden of Gethsemane .

Next we park by Jaffa Gate , walk by Saint James Cathedral  at the Armenian Quarter , and visit the site of the last supper (Cenacle ), and possibly also King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion  and Dormition Abbey .

We now walk into the Jewish Quarter  and after a possible lunch break, and a visit to the Western wall  , we join the Catholic traditional path known as the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa ), from place of the trial of Jesus, to the site of his Crucifixion and burial – Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .


Day 3 – Caesarea and Jaffa

Our Third day will be deovted to significant sites to Christian history along the Mediterranean coast.  We First head to  Caeasrea , where we review the wealth of finds, and especially those relating to Paul’s prison  (Acts 23-26) and the baptism of Cornelius by Peter  (Acts 10).

Next we head to Jaffa . Visiting the  House of Simon the Tanner and\or  the Saint Peter’s Catholic church  we assess the Peter’s experience in Jaffa  (Acts 10:9-16). East of Jaffa, we can also visit the unique  Samaritan Community  in Holon.

If time permits we also visit Emmaus-Nicopolis , where Jesus appeared after his resurrection according to Luke (24:13-31).