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Along the Coast

– Tour Caesarea   “Maritima” , Roman period metropolis along the coast, known also for important events in Christian and Jewish history. 
– West of Caesarea, explore the Roman water supply system by walking through on the water systems at Mei Kedem” .

– Near Caesarea, learn about Tel Dor  at the local museum, visit Atlit Detainee camp , where British held Jews attempting to escape Nazi Europe,


– Visit Zichron Yaakov   , one of the first towns of the Zionist movement, including Aharonson Family House  which was the base of the NILI underground operation.

– Drive up the Carmel to visit a Druze  village and market, and reach the traditional site of the battle of Elijah against the prophets of Ba’al  – “Muhraka”  . See also the Carmel fire tragedy monument .

– Visit Haifa , the biggest city in the north, known for its harbor, the German colony and the Bahaian Terraced Gardens .
– Explore Akko , former capital city of the Crusaders. Stroll in its market, explore its underground Templars Tunnel  and the Hospitallers Citadel / “The Knights Halls” ; go for a Boat ride , visit Al-Jazzar Mosque , the unique Akko Mosaics synagogue , and the nearby Tomb of Baha’u’llah  site.



– Visit the  Church of Annunciation  (Luke 1), its Archaeological Museum  and the nearby S. Joseph Church . Continue to the Synagogue church   (Luke 4),  S. Gabriel church  at “Mary’s Well “.
– Join a tour to visit “Nazareth Village” , an open air museum that reenacts life in the Galilee in the tims of Jesus.

– Explore Sepphoris , Roman period city rich in finds and highly important in both Jewish and Chrsitian history. Nearby visit the Visitors center of Eshkol Water Filtration Plant .

– Enter Cana , possible location of the “first miracle” performed by Jesus (John 2), and visit the churches of the village, and possibly try some of the local wine.

– Learn about  the formation of the “kibbutz” by a visit to  Kinneret Farm  and its nearby Kinneret Cemetery . Nearby kanoo on the Jordan River   at “Rob Roy“ .

– Ascend up to top of Mount Tabor , and learn about the history of the mountain, and especially the Christian tradition of the “Transfiguration”.

– Expereince and possibly partcipate in a baptism ceremony at theJordan River   at  ”Yardenit“ ; or Kanoo on the Jordan River   at “Rob Roy“ .

beit shean small

– Explore ancient Beit She’an  at day, or at night ( the night show “Leylot She’an “). Nearby explore Beth Alpha Belvoir  ; Aenon near Salim ; Bio-Tour Sde-Eliyahu ; or go for a swim at the Sachne .

– Visit  Beth Shearim , hometown of “Rabbi Judah the Prince“, who codified the “Mishna” and whose burial at the site turned it to a large Necropolis.

– Visit Magdala , hometown of Mary Magdalene, where recently a first century Synagogue was discovered (!). Nearby go for a hike in Nahal Amud .
hamath tiberias – Visit Ancient Tiberias  and the ancient synagogue at Hamat Tiberias . Continue to Modern Tiberias  and the Abulafia Synagogue , the “Tomb of Maimonides” , “Tomb of the Matriarchs” , tomb of “Tomb of Rabbi Me’ir Ba’al Hanes” , “Tomb of Rachel “, “Tomb of Rabbi Akiva , and Mount Berenice .

– At Kibbutz Ginosar visit the “Sea of Galilee Boat“ , a wrecked wooden boat from the time of Jesus (!). From the local pier, you can also go for a Sail on the Sea of Galilee .

– Review the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and fishes  (Luke 9), and the “Church of the Primacy of Peter”  (John 21) at Tabgha.

– Stroll on the old “Founders street” of Rosh Pina  and learn about the first Zionist pioneers and their struggles.

– Learn about the “Sermon on the Mount” at Mount of Beatitudes  and enjoy the stunning panormica view at the site.

– Visit Capernaum , “the town of Jesus“. Review its archaeological finds and assess its historical importance.

– Explore the biggest Biblical period site in Israel – Tel Hazor , as well as Medieval site nearby of Chastellet .

– Book a tour of  “Domus Galilaeae” , a Catholic learning institution relating to the “Sermon on the Mount” (Luke 6), and visit its nearby ancient site of Chorazin .

– Ascend to the top of Mt. Tabor  and visit the impressive Catholic church that commemorates the transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9). Continue to Nein, where Jesus raised a younf man from the dead.


– Learn about the Druze  and their unique heritage by a visit to their Holy site of Nebi Shu’ayb .

– Visit Jewish Heritage sites at Safed   and learn about the “Goldan age” of Safed as a Kabbalah center, as well as appreciating the noumerous art galleries.

– Hike to the top of Montfort Castle , former fortified center of the German Teutonic order in Crusaders times.

rosh hanikra cable car

– Descend by a short and steep cable car ride to the cavernous tunnels at the border between Israel and Lebanon at Rosh Hanikra Grottoes . Nearby visit Ghetto Fighters’ House .

– Explore the Israelite period cultic center at  Tel Dan  and visit the  Mayan Baruch Prehistoric Man Museum  and the 1997 Israeli Helicopter Disaster Memorial .

– Learn about the  Confession of Peter wikipedia s by a visit to Caesarea Philippi (Banias) , and possibly walk along the Banias hike and water fall .

ayun – Visit the well designed “Tel Hai ” historicl site, which includes a reconstruction of the battle where Trumpeldor died, and hike in the nearby Ayun Stream .


Golan Heights   

– Ascend to the top of Mt. Bental , to appreciate a stunning panoramic view of the Golan Heights. Near by, join a workshop at De Karina Chocolatiere  and try some local wine at Bahat winery.
– Get a great “off the beaten track” experience of the Golan heights by joining an ATV tour against the Syrian Border   or a Horse Ride , and later visitig the Golan Heights Wind Farm .
– Learn about the Golan heights with a visit to the  Golan-Magic Visitors center , and “OZ 77” which presents a movie about the OZ 77 unit in 1973 war .
– Learn about Jewish Heroism at Gamla  in Roman times. Nearby, appreciate remains of Jewish synagogue at  Umm el-Kanatir .
– Explore an archaeological site of possibly Bethsaida , and drive up along the Jordan River Rapids 
– Visit Kursi , site of the  “swine miracle” (Mat. 8), and hike up to Sussita . Nearby, learn how to make a “Shofar” at “Kol Shofar.
banias – Hike along the Banias hike and water fall , the Gilabun Nahal El-Al , or Ayun Stream .Alternatively swim at the Hidden Waterfall , but if with small kids, better if you do the Majrasa .



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