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“The Window” – Israeli Art Tour, with PhD. Smadar Sheffi

SMADAR.JPG Art tours with Dr. Smadar Sheffi (smadarsheffi.com) offer an inside access to Israel’s art scene on a custom designed private tour. The tours are in Galleries, Museums, alternative spaces, studios and workshops of leading and emerging artists mainly in Tel – Aviv and Jerusalem.

The tours are for colleagues, friends and family who have an interest in art budding or cultivated, committed art lovers and collectors who are considering buying art.

For Collectors visits to private show rooms may be arranged as well.


A visit to Michal Rovner‘s studio-workshop in a village between TLV and Jerusalem is possible as well; if the stay of the guests corresponds with the periods she spends in Israel. Rovner is a leading international artist represented by Pace Gallery NYC and the visit is a moving experience. (http://www.pacegallery.com/artists/405/michal-rovner)


Some tour elements that may be of special interest:

Political art in Israel

Art by religious Jewish Artists

Photography and video

Contemporary figurative painting

Feminist issues in Israeli art




Sample of Art tours itinerary

Standard tour would be a circa three hour tour (from leaving of hotel until returning to it) and include three gallery shows and one or two studio visits.  The tour is planned so that the stops will be within short walking distance (in some cases a short drive) of each other- time is used in full and participants get a feel of Tel- Aviv. Questions and conversation are encouraged!


Tel – Aviv

South Tel – Aviv:

The area has changed dramatically from industrial-no-man’s-land to a hub of contemporary art Galleries studios and alternative spaces that still maintain a rough edge and are home to plenty of Graffiti. Outside-the-box projects guarantee that tours include a lively mix of unconventional artwork and unique spaces.

The itinerary will include a range of galleries selected to orient to an energizing mix of artwork in different media and a studio visit will be in one of the former warehouses or small factories –some of the spaces boost their architectural style as well as art.


Rothschild Boulevard and adjunct streets:

The charming area is home to some of Israel’s more established galleries often hosting must-see exhibitions. Tour would be composed of galleries and studios

In one of Tel Aviv’s beautifully renovated quarters. In the tour we will gaze up and talk about the buildings and architects ranging from early Tel Aviv eclectic style, through the International style and up to contemporary high raisers revolutionizing Tel Aviv’s sky line



Much more than just the Israel Museum!

Jerusalem – Studio visits tour will give an authentic contemporary feel of Jerusalem.

Visits are to established and emerging artists and go from a stunning chic studio in the very centre of town to the rough industrial area in Talpiot and the residential neighborhood Gilo.The plethora of art: from cutting edge contemporary art to figurative art.


Jerusalem – Gallery tour

Galleries and alternative art spaces in some of Jerusalem’s most charming off the tour-map places: from a galleries representing fine Figurative painting  in a private residence in the German Colony to a cool contemporary Cooperative Gallery a minute walk from the Machne Yehuda market and a gallery in the a hub of artist studios in industrial area in Talpiot  . Visit’s to the Jerusalem’s Artist house and Jerusalem’s print centre , both in beautiful historical buildings are most recommended and can be  part of the itinerary


Museums in Israel

This is for those who prefer to skip the wall texts and audio guides and immerse in Israeli museums art treasures with a knowledgeable and personable guide. Museum tours are an informal and informative way to experience highlights of the city’s museums, whether the latest temporary exhibitions or explore permanent museum collections to get an in depth picture of the history of Israeli Art, a wonderful key to understanding Israel’s complex social and political issues .The Tour is a chance to not just see the art, but to understand it in context


Museums in greater Tel-Aviv:

The Tel Aviv museum of Art

Herzliya museum of contemporary art

The Petach Tikva Museum of Art



The Israel Museum


Art in the Galilee (over night)

A fascinating eye opener tour: visits to art initiatives in Kibbutzim from the beautiful Kupferman Collection in Kibbutz Lohamei HaGetaot, to stunning studios in the ecological Village Klil, historical Rosh Pina and museums in Teffen, Tel Hai and more.

We won’t miss the Cemetery in Tel Hai with its iconic memorial statue of a roaring lion, a stroll in pastoral Metula and a drive on the scenic root just near the Lebanon border on the way to an art and Judica collection in a Baram. The people you will meet, the stories of immigration and passion for art will give a new dimension to the Israeli story as you know it.