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Recommended Breweries

Beer was definitely produced and consumed by the ancient Egyptians, and probably by the ancient Israelites too. Even the name of their language implies that – “He-Brew”.. 😉

Today Beer is back in fashion in the Holy Land, and along the “generic” beers of Israel (namely Macabbi and Goldstar) several small and micro breweries are establishing their own name too.

This list presents a partial list of beers I favor, and will continue to expand as I reach more of them.. Did I mention how much I like my job? 😉



Golan Brewery

The “Golan Brewery”‘s secret is its water  – the nearby Seleucia spring, whose water are rich with minerals.  Producing 4 types of beer, the brewery and its visitors center are combined with a good restaurant, and  located in the Golan’s visitors center  near Katsrin.



Bira MalkaBira Malka (Hebrew: “Queen’s Beer”) is produced in a boutique brewery next to a Crusaders period fortress in the Western Galilee (Yechiam), and accoridingly its 3 types of beer (Dark, Pale ale and Saison) provide a rare flavor to this region.  





Srigim Brewery

Located in Srigim, “Srigim Brewery” is actually a combined visitor center of two micro-breweries – “Ella valley brewery” and “Ronen Brewery“. The first offers four classic types of beer (Bavarian WheatBlond AleIrish Red; and Stout) while the second offers special and unique flavors, with matching brand names – “The ugly Indian“; the wicked dusky one“; and “The Insolent wheat“. 



Abeer Haella Brewery.

Aram Dekel looks like a beer model.  A smile hidden behind a big beard and a proud “belly  beer” all indicate his business and passion best. Located in Zafririm, “Abeer Haella” brewery offers several beer types, with supplementing cheese toasts. 



Gal’s Brewry

Located by the site of the battle of David vs. Goliath, Gal’s Brewery was founded, well, by Gal.. He offers four different types of Ale and on the week-end can contemplate it with a full meal.


Cnaan Beer

Located somewhere in Jerusalem, its owner apparently does not want any visitors, and so would not give his address. Being so, look out for this beer in stores, and don’t  his unique “Kimmel” beer (!).



Shtern 1

Not a beer brand – a beer Bar, in the middle on Tel-Aviv. 24 beer tabs will supply you an excellent selection of local and imported beer, from the US, UK, Germany, Chech Republic, and of course locally made Israeli ones. Go for the “Alla Yustur” tasting offer, and you will return to your hotel with the stupidest smile you ever had! :).



* for perhaps the complete index of Israeli breweires and beers see here.