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See me on TV!

Presenting Masada to the “Watchman” Erick Stackelbck, TBN, 2016

And here is a preview –

 Presenting the Birth Place of Jesus to BIBLE VR” – a 360 VR production on Holy Christian Sites in the Holy Land, 2016

Appearing on “Secrets: The Copper Scroll”, a production for the Smithsonian Channel, 2015

See here two short previews –



Presenting Jerusalem to “Down Days Three Surfers”, 2015

Explaining Caesarea’s ancient Theatre on Channel 2 Friday night show, 2011 (In Hebrew)


Appearing on “The Naked Archaeologist”, S3E11 – “Queen Esther and Purim”, 2010


Explaining Cleportra VII on Channel 2 morning show, 2009

Appearing in production about the Copper Scroll with Michael Arbuthnot, for “PBS AMERICA”, 2009

travel channel

Participating in a Production about the Biblical Giants, 2002?



A good laugh – The lousiest video narrator ever!…