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Sept 5 (TUE)

flight to israelWELCOME TO ISRAEL!
Upon arrival we will check in to the hotel in Tel-Aviv.
15:00 – an afternoon short tour of Jaffa .
17:00 – Meeting with Leehu Hacohen (ex Airforce Brigadier General).
19:30 – Dinner in a Local Family house in Jaffa (“Mama’s” Project). Keynote speaker to be confirmed.
O/N: The Norman Hotel, Tel-Aviv
Sept 6 (WED)
Carmel market7:00 – Breakfast.
8:00 – Forum Sessions.
8:00-12:00 Spouse program “Shuk and Cook”.
12:30 – lunch at “Habasta ” in the Carmel Market , followed by a little stroll in the colorfull market.
15:00 – we are scheduled to a moving a experience at the 15:00 Palmach Museum , and on the way back to the hotel we will also stop at the Rabin Assassination site .
19:00  – Cocktail with _____ (Keynote speaker to be confirmed).
21:00 – dinner at Chef  Tsfon Abaraxas ().
O/N:  The Norman Hotel, Tel-Aviv
Sept 7 (THUR)
sderot7:00 – Breakfast.
8:30 – checking out and heading south, to the NEGEV, we will first visit Sderot , where we will see Hamas rockets display in the local police station and view into Gaza from a hilltop.
11:30 – a tour at Israeli Air Force (IAF) Museum , and have a review of some of it’s highlights.
13:00 – lunch at “Cramim”  in Beer-Sheva  .
14:30 – A drive along historical sites in Beer-sheva, such as the Australian Soldier Park .
16:30 – reaching Mizpe Ramon, possibly in time also to visit the Ramon Crater Visitors Center , which combines also the memory of Israel’s Austonaut, Ilan Ramon .
O/N: Bresheet Spa Hotel, Mizpe Ramon.
Sept 8 (FRI)
  7:00 – Breakfat
8:30 – Jeep tour of Ramon Crater : We will drive along unpaved roads of the Crater, have a Bedouin style lunch in Metsad Saharonim  a former Roman Limes post and a station along the Nabatean The “Incense Route” .
On the way back, if time permits, we will visit the geological phenomeno called The “Carpentry” .
16:00 – In the afternoon there will be an option experience of Rappeling in Ramon Crater , near the hotel.
O/N: Bresheet Spa Hotel, Mizpe Ramon.
Sept 9 (SAT)
bresheetShabbath Shalom!
8:00 – Brekfast.
9:00 – Forum Session at the hotel, and/or enjoying the spa hotel facilities (optional bike rides along the crater will also be available).
19:00 – Bedouin Dinner + Stars Watching Session in Machtesh Ramon .
O/N: Bresheet Spa Hotel, Mizpe Ramon.
Sept 10 (SUN)
masada cable car7:00 – Breakfast.
8:00 – A 2 hours drive to Masada .
10:00 – tour of Masada
13:00 – lunch + spa + swim at the Dead Sea  experience at Herod’s Dead Sea Spa Hotel.
16:00 – Ready to head to Jerusalem, we will make one stop on the way, to view into the caves where the famous Dead Scrolls were found, near Qumran .
17:00 – greet Jeruslaem from Mount of Olives Viewpoint .
18:30 – Festive Dinner at “”Mahaneyudah” 
O/N: Herbert Samuel Hotel, Jerusalem
Sept 11 (MON)
holy sepulchre easter 2013
7:30 – Breakfast.
9:00 – Morning Session with Jon Medved.
13:00 –  lunch at  “Adom ” in the Ottoman railway station (“First Station” ),
14:30 – Head into the old city for a tour of the essentials of Jeruslaem – the Western wall   (including experiencing the new Virtual Tour of the Second Temple  ), an optional tour of the  Western Wall tunnels  , the Christian Quarter , a walk along parts of the Via Dolorosa , and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .
20:00 – Dinner will be conducted at “Mamilla Rooftop ”  or “Rova 5 ” and will be followed by an optional evening activity attending the audio visual night shore at the  Tower of David Night Spectacular .
O/N: Herbert Samuel Hotel, Jerusalem
Sept 12 (TUE)
yad vashem7:00 – Breakfast.
8:30 – After check-out and loading the bus we first head to the National Holocaust memorial at “Yad Vashem”   and have a private tour (with Hazie? and meet a Holocaust survivor?), followed with a visit to the highlights of the Israel Museum  .
13:00 –  Lunch at “Modern” .
14:30 –  Head to the Galilee.
16:00 – Explore the ancient Jewish Catacombs of Beth Shearim .
17:00 – Visit the Church of Annunciation  in Nazareth  .
19:30 – Dinner at “Muscat ” at Mizpe Hayamim Spa Hotel.
Sept 13 (WED)
7:00 – Breakfast.
8:30 – Depart from the Hotel.
9:00 – Visit Capernaum  where we learn about the miracles of Jesus and the local ancient Jewish 11:00 – Visit Magdala , which bears a unique first century ancient synagogue that was discovered in the hometown of Mary Magdalene.
12:00 –  Visit the Sea of Galilee Boat  in Kibbutz Ginosar, and possibly Sail on the Sea of Galilee  to learn about fishing techniques in ancient times.
13:00 – lunch at “Magdalena  “.
14:30 – After lunch we ascend to the famous Golan Heights , and at 15:30 we have a special ATV tour  right against the Syrian border (!).
We end the day with a panoramic view from the the top of  Mt. Bental    (one can almost see Damascus!) and if time and will permits we try some of the local famous wine of the region with a visit to a local winery.
20:00 – Festive fairwell dinner at Eyal Shani‘s – “The Salon  “!.
O/N: Hilton Tel-Aviv
Sept 14 (Thur)
flight homeTransfer to Ben-Gurion Airport (2-3 hours drive)