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1-3 Days tour of Jordan

Since 1994 Jordan has a peace agreement with Israel, and so in cooperation with “Jordan Inspiration Tours” I am happy to suggest while touring Israel a 1 to 3days tour of Jordan!

If we have only one day to spend we pass into Jordan by Eilat  , and drive straight to Petra !

After an extensive walk that is required to explore properly the site we have a lunch break and then drive towards Aqaba, with having a possibly short stop at Wadi Rum .

If time and will permits we also visit Aqaba  and learn about its significant history, before crossing back to Israel, near Eilat  .

If we have two days to spear, on the first day we could tour Aqaba , and have a Bedouin traditional lunch in Wadi Rum, and then a 2 hour off-road tour in Wadi Rum .

In the Evening we could go for the Petra Night Tour  , and on the next day have an extensive tour of Petra , including an optional walk to “Ad Deir “.

If time permits we also visit “Little Petra “, before heading back to the Israeli border, near Eilat  .

If we have three days to spear for touring Jordan, the third day could be devoted to Machaerus , Mount Nebo , Madaba , or Gerasa , before returning to Israel at Kig Hussein bridge, near the Sea of Galilee.

And if we have more time (and money..) to spend, how about one big Jordan Big Archaeology Tour!