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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, travel to Israel has been banned. Restricting travel is quite depressing, as many consider travel a symbol of freedom. Some in fact see it as the greatest joy of life.

Fortunately, Israel led a successful 3rd booster shot project to its population in recent months. As a result, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism just announced the reopening of its borders to small groups. This change will be implemented on September 19th for groups, and in October for individuals.

In Israel itself life is almost back to normal. Masks are only required indoors, and most hotels and restaurants are open, as well as shopping centers and theaters.

So what will take to travel to Israel? Although it has not been confirmed yet, it seems the protocol for tourists will be:

1. Proof of vaccination approved by the US and EU (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, J&J), received less then 6 months before entering Israel.

2. You must be a group of 5 or more, and have to be pre-signed by a tour agent, at a cost of $100 per person.

3. Completing a PCR (and/or serological) test upon arrival, at the cost of about $30.While waiting for the PCR results, tourists must be quarantined at the hotel.

4. During the tour, you must be accompanied by a tour guide.

5. A negative PCR test is also required for any departure flight. There are several companies offering this service ranging from $15-$150. 

  • Proof of recovery from COVID19 is equal to a vaccination proof.
  • You must have a travel insurance covering COVID19
  • Unvaccinated children are no approved to travel to Israel.

So Should We Tour Israel Now?

While we agree that travel in general is not as easy as it was, remember that this period has its advantages for touring:

  • Sites are almost empty! no lines, no crowds, and no overpriced services!
  • This fall and winter months are best for traveling Israel! No heat waves..e!

Ready to Book a Tour to Israel?

We estimate that once tourism to Israel fully resumes there will be much demand to reach and tour it. After all, Israel is not just another tour site. For many it is also a holy pilgrimage destination.

We therefore recommend reserving a flight, a hotel, and perhaps a guide, assuming they all have a flexible cancellation policy.

Interested in a tour to Israel? Check our extensive list of private tours to Israel, and contact us for a quote!

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