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Ascalon and Gaza

ashkelonStart the day with a tour of the mound of ancient Ashkelon , a city with 4000 years of history, yet only small parts of it were uncovered so far. Continue to Yad Mordechai , a kibbutz formed in 1943, in memory of Mordechai Anielewicz wikipedia s (leader of the Gettho Waraw uprising) that in 1948 the held for six days against the Egyptian army, and eventually formed the SW border of Israel.

yad mordechai

Nearby, in the town of Sderot , or the village of Netiv HaAsarah , learn about the daiy life under 15 seconds warning from Hamas rocekts.

At the local police station you can see a display of some of the thousands of rockets launched on the city in the last decade, and tour along the special protection installed across the city.

sderotWe can than head to Beer-Sheva   and visit its main attractions, as well as its nearby Tel Be’er Sheva  and Air-Force Museum wikipedia s. Or we can drive back along the Shfela, visiting Kiryat Gat ,  Maresha , crawl in Bar Kokhba caves , Beit Guvrin , Battle site of David and Goliath Khirbet Qeiyafa , Tel Lachish  , and learn about the Philistines at The “Philistine Street” .

If time permits we can also visit Weizmann Institute Visitors Center  in Rechovoth, the nearby High-tech zone, and the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon”) , or the Philistine Museum in Ashdod , where we can also dine at the excllenet “Idi” () fish restaurant..


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