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Archaeological expertise. Boutique company. Personal service

Who We Are

Founded by Danny “the Digger” Herman, we are a boutique tour agency specializing in Private and VIP tour in Israel. Our core is an elite team of carefully curated and hand picked expert tour guides. We all love what we do, are driven by passion and committed to quality!

What We Offer

We provide a premium and exclusive tour service across the Holy Land. We offer an extensive list of single and multi-day tours, and can also create a tailored tour to match your specific interests and wishes. Whether your passion is in the Bible and archaeology , nature, modern geo-politics, or all of above, we can customize the perfect itinerary for you!

The Essence of Our Service

We strive to provide the highest level of service through all stages of the tour. This achieved by creative and personal approach, meticulous planning, and most important – the tours are led by a small and selected team of expert tour guides, all highly experienced, knowledgeable, and very social.

Danny is incredibly knowledgeable on the biblical, historical and political information surrounding all the sites… As a Christian, Danny has offered me so much insight into the life of Jesus as well.

Richard E., USA

We are a Christian Family of five from the United States. Danny gave us an outstanding tour of Jerusalem and Herodion. His Archaeology background and knowledge of the Old and the New Testament is impressive and his explanations brought the holy sites to life... Our three teenage children loved his tours!

Joan D., USA

…It was truly one of the best tours I’ve experienced (and I’ve traveled all over the world). Your archeological and academic background and knowledge, cultural perspective and ability to weave history, personalities, fact and symbolism together into wonderful stories made it all come alive in a magical way.

Sue D., Cook Associates M.D.

Thank you so much for the tour yesterday. Was simply superb!

Ofer A., InterCure VP

I’d been looking forward to this trip for years; it wouldn’t have been nearly the highlight it was w/o you, your knowledge, insight and friendship. I can’t thank you enough for that..

Brit R., M.D. in Royal bank of Canada

The essence of
the company

“Danny the Digger” is a small and vibrant boutique tour agency. It was founded by 2007 by Danny “the Digger” Herman, who earned his nickname from years of being an archaeologist. Danny’s in-depth knowledge of Israel’s history and archaeology, paired with his passion to guide, led him to create a tour service. With his team, Danny quickly developed into one of the most reputed tour agencies in Israel, offering a wide range of private and VIP tours across Israel.

The essence of the company
The essence of the company
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