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The most iconic monument of Petra, the ‘The Treasury’ (in Arabic: Al-Khazneh), is a magnificent tomb façade at the end of the Siq, the main entrance into Petra. The stunning mausoleum is almost 130 feet high, and its state of preservation is mind-blowing. Its unique and eclectic design brilliantly combines Greek, Roman, Nabatean, Egyptian, and Syrian architectural elements. It main reliefs depict Nike, Isis-Tyche, and the Dioscuri. Unfortunately, no inscription is preserved to indicate its purpose. Nevertheless, recent excavations revealed a lower buiral complex beneath it. vIts Arabic Name, ‘the  treasury’, reflects a local tradition the the urn design crowning its top bears treasures. Bullet holes scarring the urn attest to past attempts to shoot it down and confiscate the legendary treasures.

The Treasury monument also starred in Holywood. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it housed the holy Grail. It also featured in many documentries. Petra’s ‘Treasury’ monument  is a treasure and one of the most iconic monuments from the classical periods. It is worth every effort!

Reaching Petra’s ‘Treasury’ can be combined with a tourd of Petra.

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