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Allan Tour plan, Sept 2019

Sept 7 (SAT)

caesarea ampitheatre7:55 (Cx 675) – WELCOME TO ISRAEL!, Loading my SUV, we head north for a few days, visiting  Caesarea   and Armagedddon/Megiddo  on our way to Tiberias, where we will spend the first few nights.

O/N: Scots Hotel, Tiberias


Sept 8 (SUN)

capernaum church of the apostlesOur first full day will be devoted to various sites around the Sea of Galilee: Drive by sowers cove, Capernaum Mount of Beatitudes Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes Church of the Primacy of Peter Magdala “Duc in Altum” Church Sea of Galilee Boat , and an optional group Sail on the Sea of Galilee 

Dinner – at the Hotel.

O/N:  Scots Hotel, Tiberias


Sept 9 (MON)

nazareth church of annunciationOur second day in the north will be centered around Nazareth  . We will start with a visit to the Church of Annunciation , and S. Joseph Church . We continue strolling in the local market (Including “Ghada corner”  to the Synagogue church  and S. Gabriel church  next to Mary’s Well .

After a lunch break at Rosemerin (13:00) we will drive to site of the “First Miracle” – Cana , and end the day with exploring the “Forgotton city” of Sepphoris / Zippori 

Dinner – at the Hotel.

O/N: Scots Hotel, Tiberias


Sept 10 (TUE)

baptism siteHeading to Jerusalem, we will make a few stops on the way.

At 11:00 we we conduct a baptism ceremony in Qasr el-Yahud , and have lunch at “The Last Chance” (13:00).

At Qumran   we can have lunch and learn about the famous discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and if time permits we will also visit the Good Samaritan Inn  , before heading into Jerusalem.  Upon reaching Jerusalem we will greet it and read some of the scriptures at Mount of Olives Viewpoint .

tour to the Israel MuseumIn the afternoon you could also go to the Israel Museum    to review its highlights, mainly the “Shrine of the Book” ; the Model of the Second Temple ; the Jewish Art and Life Wing ; and the Archaeological Wing .

Dinner – “Modern” at the Israel Museum (not set)

O/N:  Villa Brown,  Jerusalem


Sept 11 (WED)

city of DavidOur first day in Jerusalem will be devoted to explore “where it all began” – City of David  . We will review King David’s Palace Area G  Warren’s shaft  , the Canaanite Tunnel , walk along Hezekiah’s Tunnel   to the Pool of Siloam  , and then asend up Herodian Drainage Channel  to the Southern Wall Archaeological Park   and Davidson Center 

western wallAfter a lunch break in the Jewish Quarter we will visit Western wall  , and then Holy Christian sites on Mount Zion , namely the site of the Last Supper (“Cenacle “), Dormition Abbey , and Petrus in Gallicantu  site.

19:00 – Dinner at “Eucalyptus” restaurant.

In the evening you have the option of touring the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem .

O/N:   Villa Brown,  Jerusalem


Sept 12 (THUR)

 Christian tour Jerusalem Holy SepulchreThis day is all about holy Christian sites in the Christian quarter in Jerusalem: Pools of Bethesda , the trial site of Jesus, the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa ), and the components of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  Golgotha Stone of Unction Tomb of Jesus Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea ; and the Chapel of the finding of the Cross 

At the end of the day will join a tour of the Garden Tomb .

19:00 – Dinner at “Mamilla rooftop” restaurant.

In the evening (20:00) you have tickets to the two shows of the Tower of David Night Spectacular .

O/N: Villa Brown,  Jerusalem


Sept 13 (FRI)

christian tour jerusalemWe start at the popular Mount of Olives Viewpoint , and review sacred Christian sites such as Chapel of the Ascension Church of the Pater Noster Garden of Gethsemane , and Grotto of Gethsemane .

mahane yudah market

We then drive along the ultra Orthodox neighborhood next to it – Mea Shearim , to the Mahane Yehudah Market   , where we have a reservation at 13:30 at “Yudale” bar Restaurant. Have lunch we have a stroll in the local market and the old city market (“Suq” ).

In the evening you may visit a local synagogue to see Jewish Friday evening prayers.

Shabbath Shalom!

O/N: Villa Brown, Jerusalem


Sept 14 (SAT)

church of nativity bethlehem“Shabbath” (Saturday) will be devoted to a visit of Sites in the West Bank. With an Arab guide (Tareq) you will first drive into Bethlehem  and visit Church of Nativity  , the The Milk Grotto , and the Shepherds’ Field 

Lunch is set at 13:00 at “Il Forno”

Later you will drive to Jericho  and Tel es-Sultan , and possibly take the cable car up to the Mount of Temptation, or visit Saint George Monastery  .

19:00 – Dinner at “Menza”

O/N: Villa Brown,  Jerusalem


Sept 15 (SUN)

tour to masadaChecking out, we are heading today to the Southern part of Israel and a visit to Petra!. Our first stop will be reaching Masada   by cable car, and later go for a lunch and swim at experience at the Dead Sea  at the “Herod’s” Hotel. In the afternoon we will complete the drive to Eilat  , with one possible stop at Timna  to see the Tabernacle Replica , and if time and will permits we could go for a Sailing on the Red Sea .

19:00 – Dinner at “Nine beach”

O/N: Royal Beach hotel, Eilat


Sept 16 (MON)

jeep tour wadi rumIn the morning we cross into Jordan, and drive up to Wadi Rum where we join a Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum .

In the afternoon we reach Wadi Musa, Visit “Moses Spring“, and in the evning we could experience the Petra Night Tour  .

Dinner – at the hotel.

O/N: Movenpick Petra


Sept 17 (TUE)

monsatery petra ad deir8:00 An early start will get us into Petra  before the crowds. We then return to Eilat border crossing, and drive to up to Mizpe Ramon for the night.

Dinner – at the hotel.


O/N: Beresheet Spa Hotel, Mizpe Ramon.


Sept 18 (WED)

jaffa private tourAfter and optional visit in the local Ramon Crater Visitors Center  we will check out and head to Tel-Aviv, with an optional stop at Tel Lachish  Battle site of David and Goliath , and an afternoon tour of Jaffa .

O/N: Market House hotel, Tel-Aviv


Sept 19 (THUR)

flea market jaffaYour last day can be used to stroll in the Flea Market   next to your hotel, including a nice brunch at Shaffa (10:30).

Around 11:00 or so you will head to the airport for 14:40 (CX676) Departure.