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An open Letter to Carter, Snow, etc.

We are in a mini-war for a month now.

The Hamas is making daily attempts to assassinate Israelis living around Gaza strip by mortars and rockets.

President Jimmy Carter. How would you react if southern Florida was shelled by Cuba so intensively? ANY other American president would pound Cuba in response.

Jon Snow. How would you feel if YOUR children and family were living in constant fear of mortars? Would you still be so sensitive to life of the enemy’s families?.

The Hamas chooses, deliberately, to put in risk their own women and children!

They deliberately shoot from schools, press hotels, and UN buildings!

Not one word of criticism at Hamas? why don’t you interview the Hamas with the same anger? Why do you not interview them at all??… You were just in Gaza, weren’t you??. You are not t a journalist. You are a propagandist, with a clear need-to-be-explained hate to Israel.

This bloodthirsty fanatic and cruel terrorist organization is eager only to cause pain and death, and yet former US president Jimmy Carter thinks they are a “leigitimate” force!

But the Hamas does not wish to make peace with Israel, Mr. Carter.

They wish to exterminate Israel!.

An open port will only enable them to aquire more deadly weapons. If ay one is going to be exterminated it is the Hamas.

And if Jon Snow cares so much for Palestinian children he can offer his country to host them till the conflict is over.

But Snow, like some media, only knows how to criticise, and only one side..

As Ze’ev Zabotinski prophesized in the 1920 in his manifest “the Iron wall“, we, the Jews, will have peace with our Arab neighboring countries when only moderate Muslim are in charge.

Thankfully we have achieved it with Egypt, Jordan, and almost with the Palestinian Authority. If moderates replace the Hamas in Gaza as well, they will get peace as well.