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Ancient Boob Discovered?

Since 2004 Dr. Gabi Barkai and Mr. Zahi Zweig are conducting a unique project of sifting debris that was removed by the Waqf in 1999 from the Temple Mount.

Much has been said and written about this project, and one can stay tuned with the latest discoveries and research in the web blog of the expedition.

During one of my visits to the sifting site, Zahi presented to me a new artifact that was discovered recently.

It was made of local lime stone, typical to the area of Jerusalem,

and seemed to be shaped in a specific round manner.

Was it part of a sculpture?

if so, from which period?

And where is the rest of the body??

Remains of a female sculpture have been found in the past in the vicinity of the Temple mount (see my report  here, scroll to the bottom).

Is this another sculpture?

or perhaps it is just part of an architectural desgin?

Time, and more sifting, might solve this riddle.

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