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“New Testament Archaeology” Course

Archaeology of the New Testamentis a special course devoted to the archaeological record related to sites and subjcets described in the New Testament.

The Course will take place every summer (in August) at the overseas school of the Hebrew University, and will be comprised of mostly field trips.

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Good afternoon!.. I am currently taking “Uncovering Jerusalem” with Yehuda Kaplan here at Hebrew University. Yehuda has said great things about you and your class, Archeologists of The New Testament. A former student who has taken the class has also said great things and referred me to you. I recently received an email about the possibility of extending my trip, and this class was one of the possibilities. Are there still spots available if I choose to extend my stay? ..

Thank you!



.. I really, really enjoyed the course and perhaps the best part was going over all my notes in preparation for this paper, and realizing how much history I had already soaked in through your lectures. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making Israel come to life for us all with so many delightful adventures and such great knowledge. I hope to return someday –

Celeste Zsembery



Thank you so much for being such an awesome instructor and guide throughout this course. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, more then you know and you really made up more then half of it. You are so knowledgable and witty and provided all different perspectives which I really appreciated…

Thanks again Danny.

Sabrina Ham, Canada


Hi Danny,

Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to learn about Israel’s history..

Best Regards,



Thank you Danny for a great experience!. I learned so much..

All the best, Deborah.


A video of our visit to the “Kathisma Church”, August 2015