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Asaf SalomonAsaf Salomon is a certified Israeli tour guide, as well as a highly trained academic. He has a Batcheler’s degree in Jewish history and archaeology and Master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies and Islam. Asaf is passionate about his work and sharing his love of the land of Israel and its people, through historical stories, personal experiences and hands-on learning. He specializes in tours of Jerusalem and the Old City, but has led many missions and tours, all around the country.

Asaf also works in the VIP division of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. Over the years he guided several heads of states and officials, famous celebrities – and even Pope Francis (!)

Asaf is married with 3 kids, and lives in Jerusalem


I have now traveled throughout Israel with Asaf twice. I no longer consider him a tour guide. He is a genuine friend, and I have learned so much from him. He is a dream guide. Asaf is a wealth of knowledge and a true scholar. He really looks out for your wants and needs, and he tailors the tour to them. He makes Israel personal, and because of his guidance, I feel as though I always have a good friend I want to see in Israel. I honestly could not recommend him enough!

Ellen J., USA

Asaf is incredible. I was on a two day tour with Asaf in Jerusalem on my honeymoon. Of all of our experiences in Israel (there for two weeks) the time we spent with Asaf in Jerusalem was at the top. He brings all the attractions to life, with a deep experience and tremendous historical knowledge. plus hes a great guy!!! i encourage you to book him, because weve told all our family friends, and I know hell have plenty of repeat business.

Special guy, special guide, life changing experience.

Thank you Asaf!!

Seth H., USA

Asaf is AMAZING. We spent 9 days with him, from the north to the south. We saw ruins, museums, sacred sights, parks, gardens…you get the picture. He arranged everything. We took cooking classes and “ate our way” through the shuk. His delivery of information comes from a place of deep knowledge. While we are obviously tourists, we felt we received such a “locals” experience which was so what we wanted. And we had FUN. Asaf made this the trip of a lifetime. We are really hoping to come back and get the “Asaf 2.0” experience. We are so grateful for his insights and all we learned!

July M., USA

.. My favorite part of the experience? Officially my favorite part was seeing the mosaics that Asaf took us to on my request for the “Mosaic Themed Tour.” Also very interesting was how Asaf engaged each of the four in our group according to their individual interests in history, religion, politics and geography. Asaf has a gift for seeing many facets of a topic and communicating the complexities and nuances of a subject.

Trust Asaf to find the best Hummusiya in the area for a take-out lunch, and the coolest place for the picnic! He covers all the bases!

Fran J., USA

אסף הנהדר הדריך אותנו בטיול משפחתי שבו חגגנו בר מצווה. היה מגוון רחב של גילאים, מגיל 4-74
וכולם מאוד מאוד נהנו!
אסף מדבר באופן מעניין מאוד, חי את הסיפורים ויודע לסחוף אחריו את כולם בסיפוריו.
אני ממליצה מאוד מאוד על סיור עם אסף!
יש לו ידע נרחב והוא יודע להתאים את עצמו לקהל.

נעמה ר., תל-אביב

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