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ATV gush Ezion

Set among the Jewish settlements between Bethlehem and Hebron, the Gush Ezion ATV tours offer a fun an dynamic experience of exploring one of the most picturesque areas in the Jerusalem Mountains. The tour is in 4-seater Razors, passing through forests, springs, vineyards, and historical sites. Enchanting landscapes and breathtaking views of the coastal plain unveil at certain points of the tour, all generating a great and special tour experience.

  • All drivers must present a valid driving license and passport.
  • An ATV tour is especially recommended in the winter and spring, when the drive includes passages over streams and mud puddles.

An ATV tour in Gush Ezion can be combined in a Day tour of Jerusalem.

  • Please that we are NOT an off-road tour agency. We offer ONLY full day private tours, that can combine a 2-4 hours’ ATV rides, starting at $1150 per day. If you are interested only in an ATV tour, please contact the supplier directly.

Contact us for a private tour of Jerusalem that will include an ATV ride in Gush Ezion:

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