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Bahaian Terraced Gardens

haifa bahai gardensThe Bahaian Terraced Gardens in the heart of Haifa  are a spectacular set of gardens designed around the tomb of the “Báb, one of the leading figures in the Bahai faith.  Completed in 2001, the Bahaian Terraced Gardens are one of the most beautiful sites in Israel, and are also listed as a “World Heritage Site” by the UNESCO.

Book a Private Tour to the Bahaian Terraced Gardens

The Bahaian Terraced Gardens are located in the heart of Haifa  above the German Colony  . They can viewed at all hours from the top and the bottom. The top and bottom terraces are open every day from 9:00 to 17:00. A guided tour in English along the other terraces is led almost every day at 12:00. The tomb of the Bab is open only till 12:00.

Contact me for a proposal of full day tour that will also include a visit to the Bahai Terraced Gardens.

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