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BAS 2012 Tour


One of my greatest prides is the position of guiding BAS tour groups to Israel.

Here are some photos  of 2012 tour.

More photos of the Camaks can be seen  here.

For those thinking of joining future BAS tour to Israel with me, here are some testimonials to help you make up your mind 🙂 :


..You were great. You have the knowledge of both archaeology and tourism that made this a very special trip..You were a really good tour guide and I really enjoyed the trip.  

Claire Fineson, USA


..You did an exceptional job, and you should change nothing!.

James Camak, USA


..Thanks for a wonderful trip – Great job!!. It was much appreciated. I learned a lot + had fun too!.

——, Australia.


Your depth of knowledge – historical, archaeological, political – is awsaome!. The lectures at each site were so informative and revealing. Especially with the visual material on your Ipad.

——-, USA.


Danny you were superb!. You made the trip a very memorable one. You were always patient, respective, and accommodating to everyone. Thanks!.

——-, USA.