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ben-yehudah-strettBen-Yehudah Street, next to Jaffa Road, is one of the prime locations in western Jerusalem. Closed to motorized traffic since 1983, this pedestrian mall attracts tourists and locals alike. Stroll down the street and sample the variety of eateries, falafel stands, and popular hummus bars it offers. In the summer, the street performers entertain the crowds while ultra-orthodox Jews persuade people to put Tefilin.

Points of Interest in the Area

Ben-Yehudah Street is just a few blocks from Mahane Yehudah Market, Jerusalem’s primary fruit and vegetable market. It is also not far from Mea Shearim, the historical center of the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox community. Mamilla pedestrian mall is also a short walk from this street, providing more shopping opportunities.

Touring Ben-Yehudah street can be integrated into a day tour of Jerusalem.

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