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Nestled in the Judean mountains Bethlehem is a city that holds immense historical and religious significance. It’s widely known as the birthplace of Jesus, which holds a central place in Christian faith.

History of Bethlehem

The city’s origins trace back thousands of years. It’s mentioned in various biblical texts and held significance as the birthplace of David and where Samuel anointed him (1 Samuel 16). Bethlehem is also known as the birthplace of Jesus (Luke 2). With the advent of Christianity, Bethlehem gained prominence as a Christian pilgrimage site. Its main attraction was visiting the Church of the Nativity, marking Jesus’ birth spot. In the following centuries, Bethlehem experienced various periods of conquest and change. It fell under the rule of several Islamic powers: the Crusaders, the Ottomans, the British, the Jordanians, and the Israelis. Since 1996, the Palestinian Authority has ruled the city.

Touring Bethlehem

The historical and religious significance of Bethlehem draws Christian pilgrims from around the world. Its key landmarks are:

church of the nativity bethlehemChurch of the Nativity – one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world. It mark the birthplace of Jesus, a crypt that was originally a manger.

The Shepherds’ Field – A site in a valley east of Bethlehem where, according to the Gospel of Luke, the angels announced the birth of Jesus to Shepherds. A tent-shaped church stands amidst several caves said to be dens in antiquity.

Rachel’s Tomb – A popular Jewish pilgrimage destination south of Bethlehem marking where biblical Rachel died and Jacob buried her.

Tour to Bethlehem

Being under control of the Palestinian Authority a tour of Bethlehem requires pre-setting a local guide and a driver.

A tour of Bethlehem can be combined with a day tour of Jerusalem.

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