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Bethsaida (Aramaic: “Home of the Fishermen”), is known from the New Testament as the home of Philip, Andrew, and Peter (John 1:44).  Jesus visited the site at least once (Mark 8:22-26), but later he cursed it (Matthew 21:22). The curse was apperently so effective that even the location of the city is not certain today.

bethsaidah stelaSince 1987 Israeli archaeologist Dr. Rami Arav is excavating the site “Et-Tell” and he suggest it is ancient Bethsaida.

Though not certain, Et-Tell bears quite a few interesting finds, and is worth a visit.

My Friends, Sergio and Rhoda, presenting the search for ancient Bethsaida at “Et-Tell” site.


Bethsaida (from Hebrew/Aramaic בית צידה beth-tsaida, lit. ” house of hunting” or “fishing”, from the Hebrew root צדה or צוד) is a place mentioned in the New Testament. Historians have suggested that the name is also referenced in rabbinic literature under the epithet Ṣaidan ( Hebrew: צַידָן).

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Points of Interest in the Area

capernaum tour Capernaum
chorazin synagogue Chorazin
  “Domus Galilaeae“

Book a Private Tour to the Bethsaida

Bethsaida is in the “Jordan Park” near the Jordan river and the Sea of Galilee and takes about 2 hours to explore. “Et tell” is a 15 minutes drive away.

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour to the Galilee, that will also include the sites related to ancient Bethsaida.