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Tour to Caesarea, Tel-Aviv and Jaffa

The coast line of Israel is dotted with beautiful sandy beaches, impressive archaeological sites and several national parks. This private guided tour offers a perfect mix of exploring two major destinations – Caesarea and Tel-Aviv’s area.

Explore Roman Caesarea

caesarea ampitheatre

Caesarea was established as a major port city some 2,000 years ago by King Herod the Great. It functioned as an urban center for over 1200 years, and recent archaeological work oncovered significant remains of its golden past. We first review the well preserved part of Caesarea’s aqueduct, set in a beautiful strip right by the beach.

Parking the car by the port, we visit Caesarea’s New Visitor Center and then stroll among its rich remains, from Caesarea’s Byzantine Praetorium through a bathhouse complex and Caesarea’s Hippo-Stadium. At the southern end of the city lies Herods Palace in Caesarea, which included the possible location of  Paul’s Prison in Caesarea, and Caesarea’s impressive ancient Theatre

Stroll in the Alleys of Jaffa

jaffa private tour

Next, we drive on to Tel-Aviv and have lunch in the Flea Market. After lunch we go for a leisure walk among cobbledstone street in ancient Jaffa, appreciating its art galleries among historical buildings, all leading to its port.

Old Jaffa Port is active continously since Canaanite times, making it one of the oldest ports in the world. We will admire the local sandstone architecture and mix of churches and mosques, and continue to Tel-Aviv.

Get a Taste of Tel-Aviv

tel aviv tour

A short drive from Jaffa will take us to Rothschild Boulevard, the historical heart of Tel-Aviv. Here, in 1909, 60 families established a humble size town. Today, this avenue is the most expensive real-estate in all of Isreal. We will appreciate the local architecture combining in a semi chaotic way Eclecic, ornate, Bauhaus and modern style buildings. At Rothschild boulevard 16 we will visit  Independence Hall , where the state of Israel was declared.

Finally, we end the day at Rabin Assassination site, assessing the present and future possiblities political developments in the Holy Land.

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