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Private Tour to Caesarea, Tel-Aviv and Jaffa

caesarea herods palaceA day tour combining and presenting the best attractions along the coast. We start with a visit to the ancient metropolis of Caesarea  .

caesarea ampitheatreWe first review the well preserved part of Caesarea’s aqueduct, and then park by the site to visit Caesarea’s Port, and stroll along its Byzatine remains, especially Caesarea Bathouse, to Herods Palace in Caesarea, the possible location of  Paul’s Prison in Caesarea, and Caesarea’s Theatre

jaffa private tourWe then drive on to Tel-Aviv   and have lunch around the old port of Jaffa  and stroll along its alleys and significant holy sites as well as the nearby  Flea Market  


tel aviv tour

A short drive will take us to Independence Hall  on Rothschild Boulevard , where we can also review Tel-Aviv’s main street, and how it reflects the history of this modern city. We end the day at Rabin Assassination site , assessing the present and future possiblities political developments in the region.

Book a Private Tour to Caesarea, Jaffa and Tel-Aviv

The cost of a private tour to Jerusalem  + transportation starts at USD$700Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

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