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If seeing Caesarea from dry land sounds too conventional, this activity is for you!

The essence of Caesarea’s prosperity is King Herod’s nature-defying megalomaniac project to construct a colossal scale port. By sinking large-scale wooden freights filled with volcanic ash into preset positions, he formed the most prominent artificial port in the Roman empire. However, today, the remains of Herod’s port are submerged and can only be seen by diving at the site.

Caesarea’s diving club is comfortably located right behind its medieval Citadel. The club offers scuba diving gear, snorkeling equipment, and a dive master/instructor. The club also provides you with a map, Which will lead you through sections of Herod’s famed sunken harbor and the remains of sunken boats. This wet and fun activity also unveils a mysterious sarcophagus and the Mediterranean marine life.

Reviewing the inner port takes about 45 minutes and about 1 for the external port. The water is about 80F in the summer, and the sea is calm – a perfect time to escape from the heat and explore Caesarea’s most unique attraction.

A scuba / Snorkel experience in Caesarea can be combined with a full-day tour of Caesarea.

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