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Caesarea’s Ancient Synagogue

caesarea synagogueAlthough Caesarea has a long and rich Jewish history, to date only one synagogue from ancient times was found at the site. It is in a neighborhood some  500 m north of the port, right along the coast. Excavated in 1962-5 by a team from the Hebrew University, it proved to in use for a few centuries. Five succesive layers of use were detected in the building. The most impressive was a layer bearing a mosaic floor with a dedication to its Benefactor called “Barillos”.

The earliest layer of use dates the to the First century CE. Being so, the synagogue migh relate to the conflict between the Jews and the Pagans of Caesarea in 66CE, an event that led to the Big Jewish Rebellion (66CE-70CE).

Visiting the Synagogue

The ancient synagogue it locatead close the coastline, between Caesareas’ National park and the exposed sections of its Aqueduct. It is a short walk from Caesarea’s port, and a 15 minutes’ walk from the Aqueduct beach.

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Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony at the ancient Synagogue of Caesarea

The ancient synagogue of Caesarea can be an excellent location for a very special Bar-Mitzvah ceremony. Being right the waterfront, and at a Synagogue that was in use for several centuries in ancient times, this is a perfect spot for a semi-private event for the celebrating family. The main ceremony will be followed by a festive meal in the port, and a tour of the site. It is also possible to set a segway tour around Caesarea, a dive in its port, or a powered parachute flight above the park (!).

Points of Interest in the Area

birds mosaic caesareaThe Birds Mosaic
Caesarea’s aqueduct
rabbi abbahu tomb caesareaRabbi Abbahu Tomb mark in Caesarea

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