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Carl and Julie visit, May-June 2019

May 27 (MON)

private tour israel11:25 LY006 – Arrival: WELCOME TO ISRAEL!, Top VIP arrival service and transfer to the hotel

Dinner:  19:30 “Ra’isa” (Rabi Yochanan 8 st, in the Flea Market)

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


May 28 (TUE)

Late wake up, optional swim and workout to recover.

12:00 – Lunch (at the hotel?) with Richard and Boaz. Review agenda for Atlas Award Ceremony and the follow-up VIP Dinner (Mary will be happy to give Julie a tour of Jaffa).

18:00 – Atlas Award at the TLV Stock Exchange.

20:00 – VIP Dinner at the Norman Hotel With past winners and SpaceIL representative.

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


May 29 (WED)

sarona9:30 – Visit Innoviz, the 2018 winner of the Atlas in the automotive industry.

12:30 – Lunch at “Claro” with Carl, Richard, Julie, Mary, Boaz, followed by a tour by Boaz of Sarona .

19:15 – Dinner at “Mashya“. (NIS 250 in case of not showing up)

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


May 30 (THUR)

16 flight simulator10:00 – Visit SpacePharma from the finalist of the Atlas Award that leading biological research in microgravity in the Space. (Herzelia).

12:30 – Lunch at “Sebastian” with Kobi Regev, founder of “The Squadron”.

14:00 – VIP visit to the ““The Squadron” “.


Dinner: – T.B.A.

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


May 31 (FRI)

Richard and Mary have this day planned, including personal tour of sculptures, swimming (optional), workout (Carl, Richard, Julie, etc.).  Refreshments.

BIRTHDAY DINNER FOR CARL (T.B.A. by Mary), with Julie, Richard and Mary, Boaz and Yifat.

Harp music by Eden Arad.

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


June 1 (SAT)

caesarea ampitheatre9:30 – A tour to Benjamim de Rotschild burial complex (“Hanadiv” Gardens) and later Zichron Yaakov   including a visit of the Aharonson Family house

13:00 – Wine tasting + light lunch at Somek Winery.

14:00 – Drive to Ein Hod  and a visit of the Artists colony.

17:00 – Tour of Caesarea  aqueductThe “Birds Mosaic”, and later, Caesarea Port

18:30 – Dinner at “Helena” restaurant in the port of Caesarea.

Guide: Danny

O/N: Jaffa Hotel.


June 2 (SUN) 

Hurva Synagogue Jewish Quarter8:30 – Head to Jerusalem

10:00 – A VIP visit to “Yad Vashem”  , and later a drive to the old City for a visit of the Hurvah Synagogue  and the Western wall  .

13:30 – Lunch at “Quarter Cafe“.

14:30 – After lunch continue to a tour of the Jewish Quarter , and the City of David  . Optional visit to Ethiopian Jewelry School at “YVEL” 

18:45 – Dinner (“Tasting menu”) at “Mahaneyudah” (With Dana).

Guide: Danny and Boaz.

O/N: Presidental Suite, King David hotel


June 3 (MON)

helicopter flight israel9:00 – A Helicopter Flight  above the Dead Sea , to Masada  , for a visit to the site, and later go for a swim at the Dead Sea  + lunch at “Herod’s Hotel” (T.B.A.).

15:00 – After the swim continue flying above the “Small Crater” to Desert Research Institute in Sede Boker, and later complete the flight to Beresheet hotel, flying above  Ben Gurion’s Tomb and Hut Avdat   and the Ramon Crater  .

  • If you prefer instead of the visit to Sde Boker research center, after lunch you fly down to Eilat, and then to Beresheet hotel. 

Dinner – at the Hotel (T.b.A.)

Guide: Local expert guide Dana Meir and Boaz

O/N: Beresheet, Mizpe Ramon


June 4 (TUE) 

Sderot gaza border rockets9:30 – Helicopter Flight to Kibbutz Hazerim.

10:00 – Visit Xoxoba plantations and Drip irrigation plant of Kibbutz Hazerim.

12:30 – Flight to Sderot  and meet Kobi Haroosh for lunch (T.B.A.) followed by a tour across the city and around the border of Gaza learning about life near the border. 

16:00 – Flight along the coast to “Efendi” hotel in Akko  .

19:00 – Dinner at “Uri Buri”.

Guide: Danny and Boaz

O/N: Efendi hotel, Akko.


June 5 (WED) 

akko tour9:00 – Tour of Akko   underground medieval city.

11:30 – Helicopter flight to the Golan Heights .

12:30 – Lunch at Kibbutz Merom Golan (“Habokrim”) followed by a Jeep tour along the border with Syria with a local expert.

16:30 – Flight to Tel-aviv.

19:30 – Dinner at “Cafe Noir”.

Guide: Danny and Boaz

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv.


June 6 (THUR) 

tour to gerstein studio9:30 – Meetings Visit Weizman institute (T.B.A.),

13:00 – Lunch at “Soho” with Professor Lancet.

14:00 – Optional to the Israeli main Agricultural research center – “Volcani” Institute, and meeting with researcher professor Itamar Glazer (and brother in law of Danny..), or a visit to David Gerstein Studio 

19:00 – Festive farwell dinner with Richard and Mary.

23:00 – Transfer to the Airport and VIP Departure Service.

Guide: Danny and Boaz

O/N: The Norman, Tel-Aviv.


June 7 (FRI)

00:20 – UA 073: Departrue. FAREWELL!