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The Carmel Market (in Hebrew: Shuk HaCarmel) is the leading outdoor market in Tel Aviv. Selling everything, from tomatoes to selfie sticks, it is popular among locals and tourists alike. The market was established in the 1920s when Tel Aviv was merely a decade old. The open street gradually developed into the leading open marketplace of Tel Aviv, offering a variety of goods and food stands.

When is the Best Time To Visit the Carmel Market?

The market runs every day (except Saturday and Jewish Holidays), but it gets incredibly crowded on Friday. Both locals are busy products for the weekend, and soldiers are off to meet and socialize. This is also the day of the week the adjacent Nahalat Binyamin Street operates the weekly arts and crafts fair.

Thursday evening is also an excellent time to head to the market for a social and dining experience. At night, bars and eateries take over, attracting the locals to hang out and celebrate the end of the week’s working days.

Touring the Carmel Market

The Carmel Market is in the southern part of Tel Aviv and is easily accessed by public transportation or foot. It runs every day of the week except Saturday. The sights, sounds, and smells might be overwhelming initially, but you will love it once you adjust! Join the flow of the crowds and try to absorb it all. Try typical Israeli street food; if you’re buying anything, don’t forget to haggle!

A tour of the Carmel market can be combined with a guided day tour to Jaffa and Tel Aviv. We can also set up a culinary workshop where a chef leads you through the market and then cook a tremendous Israeli lunch together!

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