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recommended wineries

Carmei Avdat

Carmei Avdat “Carmei Avdat” is one of the vineyards located in the heart of the Negev, along the Nabatean “Spice route”. Although apparently too arid and dry , archaeological finds attested to wine production here in antiquity, and wineries like…

Teperberg 1870

Teperberg 1870 Tepperberg winery is operating for siz generations, and is currently the 4th biggest wine producer in Israel. Most of its wines are exported, to 22 countries. Its wine labels are Silver, Terra, and Reserve.

Yekev Tishbi

Jonathen Tishbi has been a grower for the Carmel cooperative until 1985. His vineyard in the southern edge of the Carmel mountain is the source of a soft sauvingion blanc and wonderful oaky chardonnay. A cozy visitors center provides free…

Chatau Golan

Located in the southern area of the Golan heights, Chatau Golan began operating in 1999. Its wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and local labels Eliad, Geshem, and Rose. Its Visitors center is one of the most attractive ones in…

Bazelet Hagolan

Located just a few kilometers NE  from Katsrin, in moshav “Kidmat Zvi”, “Bazelet Hagolan” is a boutique winery, producing only Cabernet Sauvignon, yet highly praised for its flavor and aroma.