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Christian Three Days Tour

Day 1 – Galilee

Tour to NazarethOur first day will be devoted to exploring the GALILEE.

We start the Jesus’ hometown  –  Nazareth .  Strolling through the local market, we visit the  Church of Annunciation  (Luke 1), and the “Synagogue church ” (Luke 4).

Wedding church CanaWe then continue to Cana  to learn about the “first miracle of Jesus” (John 2), and after a lunch in a local fish restaurant (“Saint Peter fish any one?” 🙂 ) we visit “The town of Jesus” –  Capernaum .

If time permits we could also visit the  Mount of Beatitudes ,  Magdala , “Church of the Primacy of Peter” , or  “Sea of Galilee Boat“  exhibit, before heading back.


Day 2 – Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Bethlehem Church of NativityWe start with a drive to the check point, where a Palestinian guide will take into Bethlehem  to visit the Church of Nativity  , and show you a bit of the modern Palestinian city.


Garden of GethsemaneWhen Returning from Bethlehem we will drive to Mount of Olives Viewpoint , visit the Chapel of the Ascension , and driving by the Church of the Pater Noster , and Dominus Flevit  visit the Garden of Gethsemane .

Christian tour Jerusalem Holy SepulchreNext we park by Jaffa Gate , walk by Saint James Cathedral  at the Armenian Quarter , and visit the site of the last supper (Cenacle ), and possibly also the First Century Church on Mount Zion? King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion  and Dormition Abbey .

We now walk into the Jewish Quarter  and after a possible lunch break, and a visit to the Western wall  , we join the Catholic traditional path known as the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa ), from place of the trial of Jesus, to the site of his Crucifixion and burial – Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .


Day 3 – Caesarea and Jaffa

Herods palace CaesareaOur Third day will be deovted to significant sites to Christian history along the Mediterranean coast.  We First head to  Caeasrea , where we review the wealth of finds, and especially those relating to Paul’s prison  (Acts 23-26) and the baptism of Cornelius by Peter  (Acts 10).

Christian Tour JaffaNext we head to Jaffa . Visiting the House of Simon the Tanner  and\or  the Saint Peter’s Catholic church  we assess the Peter’s experience in Jaffa  (Acts 10:9-16). East of Jaffa, we can also visit the unique  Samaritan Community  in Holon.

If time permits we also visit Emmaus-Nicopolis , where Jesus appeared after his resurrection according to Luke (24:13-31).

We are a Christian Family of five from the United States. Danny gave us an outstanding tour of Jerusalem and Herodion.

His Archaeology background and knowledge of the Old and the New Testament is impressive and his explanations brought the holy sites to life.

Our three teenage children loved his tours

(From Tripadvisor)

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