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Dalia Restaurant

What a lousy setting. Even after the renovation, the restaurant looks like an architectural mistake. Floor tiles from the 1970’s, and toilets in a caravan. No wonder only those who know will enter.

if you enter.. The salads – Fresh, abundant, precise.  Just right!

And the Humus – fresh, withe generous amounts of olive oil,  Excellent!

And the fish – oh, the fish!. So fresh,  such white tender meat, and with crispy scaleless skin. You almost feel the fish is smiling at you :-).

With Turkish coffee to help it all down, and some locally grown sweet brown fruits  of palm date tree, Dalia restaurant dleivers an excellent meal when travelling in the north. If only they could re-build the place..

Entrance junction to Migdal, the ugliest building.

ILS 150.-