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“Danny the Digger” Becomes “PLATINUM MAN”!..


I am very sorry to say that I broke the edge of my pelvis a few days ago. 🙁

Making use of the ceasefire this last Saturday (9.8.14), I could finally take my kids on a bike ride to the new extreme bike park near us, yet at some point I fell bad on my right side. 🙁

Was cleared by ambulance to a hospital.

X-ray showed several fractures in the “acetabulum”.

And so my sexy pelvis has now an addition of three big platinum plates 🙂

And I am neutralized for about six months 🙁

The good news is I am expecting full recovery!!!!!

I will have limited access to internet and email, but I do thank all who sent their regards!.

I will occasionally try to update on my recovery.

Guiding orders will be referred to MY TEAM, and other colleagues.




Very important to be optimistic, and keep smiling!, at least when not in pain.. 😉 here’s a selfie demo..




Managed to SIT for the first time!



Finally managed to…. (TMI…) 😉


Didn’t realize the body could hold in for so long… 😉




Manged to get into a wheel chair! I am mobile again!!.

Being so, I started “exploring my environment”..

Found Adi Zimri, a wounded soldier.

An RPG “missed” him, but fractured his leg when exploded. Now he just wants to heel so he can return to his unit.

What a HERO!!!

Here’s a selfie of us 🙂





Turns out I have another small fracture, in my right elbow..  :-(.

will make recovery more challenging, as I will have less control of the walker.. 🙁




Gaining resilience and retaining stamina, I achieved short walks with the walker, and so convinced the doctors I don’t belong here any more!.

Being semi-mobile I used the opportunity to visit Yusuf.



Yuusuf is a Sergeant Major in tank battlaion.

Yusuf was wounded on 28.7.14 when a projectile fell next to him, killing four of his comrads, next o Gaza

His main injury is loosing the bottom of his foot.

He is facing about 3 months of very painful process of reviving the flesh of his foot.

Every day he faces new horrible pains, and at the end he will only have partial walking ability.

But he takes it all with amazing powers, and his only request is that he returns to serve once healed.


Yusuf is Druze, and ethnic minority whose loyatly to the State of Israel is higher then of many Jews..

We promised to meet again next year, in his village, Beit Jan!



Demonstating my ability to walk, though with much pain, on order to go home:

IMAG4486 IMAG4488

And the reward: I’M HOME!!!IMAG4490

THANK YOU to the my GREAT family for their support – my AMAZING wife!, Ravit, and my three WONDERFUL children!, Tome, Mai, and Shaked;

THANK YOU to my Doctor/Magicin/”Pelvioligist” as I call him –  Dr. Nachshon Shazar who reassembled  perfectly my “Acetabulutm“;

THANK YOU to the hospital staff for assisting my recovery. We already set a guided tour of Jerusalem for next year, O.T.H.

And THANK YOU to all my extended family, friends, colleagues, and clients who expressed their concerns, and whishes for my quick recovery!


On my feet

By February!.



Post script:

Going over the photos, found a one especially funny collection I did with the kids when reaching the E.R..

I was on Morphium after all.. 🙂


September 24th: I am a crutches expert!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! שנה טובה!!

w canescrutches


  • Hello Danny,
    I just read through all of the stories and photos that you described during your hospital stay. The visits to the soldiers were amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us, I was really touched by these amazing young men.

    I thought your “in morphium” state photos with the kids were hilarious! You are a lucky man to have such a loving and supportive family. Home is paradise!

    May you have a continued steady positive healing. February will be here before you know it. Enjoy being home. Love always, your Cape Cod cousin, linda

  • Shalom Danny,

    And wishing you all the best for a quick recovery.
    Danny is an amazing guide and person and I know that he will be on his feet and 100% better in no time.
    Your life has touched many people over the years.
    Best Wishes,
    Don & Petra and Moriyah


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