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IL07: To Bethlehem and Herodium

Bethlehem is the hometown of King David, but is more known in Christianity to be the birth place of Jesus. Hiring a palestinian guide, you will be taken into Bethlehem and to the  Church of the Nativity ,where Jesus was born by an old local tradition.

We then continue to  Herodium   , a fortified hilltop built by king Herod in the first century BCE, and ultimately became his burial site. We will appreciate the new visitors center, the unique finds, and the underground caves made by Jewish Rebels some 2000 years ago.

Nearby we can have lunch in a nice vegeterian restaurant (at Gavna), and also experience a unique  live shooting  session in a special anti-terror training facility.



From Jerualem: $550

From Tel-Aviv or Ashdod: $650

From Haifa: $900