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Bar-Mitzvah in Israel

bar mitzvah rabbi miriamA Bar/Bat-Mitzvah is possibly the most important event for every Jewish boy or girl. It marks the beginning of full Jewish adulthood, celebrated in a festive event by the whole family. Reading the Torah in the synagogue and the celebrations that follow are almost equal to a wedding. Such an event will be remembered dearly in the child’s heart for the rest of their life.

There are several ways to mark this special occasion, but the ultimate way to celebrate such a festive family event is a Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel.  Touring the land of the bible and experiencing the life and culture of the modern Jewish state is truly an unforgettable adventure, both for the Bar/Bat mitzvah child, and for their family. A successful Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel requires careful planning. Accommodations, activities, transportation, a ceremony and a celebratory meal. They all have to be weaved together into a carefully made itinerary.

Setting the Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony

If you wish to have a Torah reading ceremony, It must be pre-arranged. The “classic” location is a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall or at its non-Orthodox  equivalent  “Azrat Israel“. Some will also choose to wake up at 3 AM to conduct the ceremony at the ancient synagogue of Masada. Alternatively, you can also have the ceremony in one of the synagogues in Jerusalem. We recommend the Hurvah Synagogue or one of the Sephardic synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, or in one of the Synagogues in Yemin Moshe. See also our longer list of possible location for a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony in Jerusalem, and possible other locations across Israel. The ceremony could be led by yourselves, or with the guidance of your tour guide. We do recommend arranging assistance from some of the following:

A Rabbi – A Rabbi (or Rabba) experienced with Bar-Mitzvah events could enhance the event in different ways.

Minstrel –  Nothing like a professional chanter and dance motivator leading the event and getting everyone excited!

Musical procession –  You might consider a band of Jamba drummers and shofar blowers leading the event, and/or a klezmer band (guitar, trumpet and klarinet).

Balloon person –  A colorful and exciting event of releasing blue and white helium balloons following a blessing of the child at the end of the ceremony will enhance the festivity of the event.

Photography and Video – Having invested so much in this family event, it would be a shame having only your phone’s camera recording it. We can reserve for you a top photographer and/or videographer that will produce high quality content to take home.

Celebratory Meal – Following the ceremony, a celebratory meal is the way to go!. Depending on the location, we will be happy to help you set catering or a fine restaurant for the event.

Check out the tour proposals listed below and contact us to build your own customized itinerary: