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Israel Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours in Israel

Explore the stunning landscapes of Israel in a truly distinctive way by opting for our helicopter tours. Appreciate the beauty of Israel from a unique perspective through our wide range of helicopter tours. Whether you desire a fly over the Golan Heights, the historical sites of Caesarea and Masada, or the serene expanse of the Dead Sea – our tours cover it all. Please browse our suggested itineraries or contact us to craft your personalized helicopter tour experience.

Setting a Helicopter Tour in Israel with the Best!

helicopter-tour-israel-northWe offer a variety of helicopter tours that will allow you to appreciate all the splendors of Israel from the air. Our helicopters range from a Robinson R44 with three passenger seats to a spacious Sikorsky S76 with ten seats. All of our pilots are former Israeli Air Force pilots, ensuring that you are in the best hands. They are top professionals and have extensive knowledge of the sites and views. They will guide you through the flight and could share their military experiences.

Our flights can take off from any location and reach (almost) every destination. We can even include stops at unique locations for special events like a wedding proposal or a surprise birthday celebration. We are happy to help you with creative ideas to make your flight memorable!

Starting at US$5000 our helicopter tours can be the most unforgettable experience of your trip, so make sure to allocate time and budget for it. We have a selection of pre-designed tours, but we can customize any tour to match your specific wishes, interests, or special requests.