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Christian tours to Israel

Israel may seem small on the map but is full of points of interest. And being the land of the Bible, it is especially known for sites related to the Holy Scriptures. Nazareth, Capernaum, and Jerusalem are just some of the famous pilgrimage destinations across the country. Our Israel Christian tour page focuses on destinations related to the Bible and Christian history.  Each excursion is meticulously designed to cover the most significant destinations and deliver an insightful and spiritual tour experience. These tours are set both for individuals, families, and church groups. So whether you are a solo traveler, a family group, or a pastor, here you will find a variety of options. Our tour proposals are 3 to 15 days long, and some include tour extensions to Jordan.  We also offer several single-day tours, reaching sites like Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Baptism sites and more.

Some of the tours are led by Danny “the Digger” Herman, an archaeologist and expert tour guide. Danny is a lecturer at Hebrew University and a popular guest on Christian TV programs. He is also known for his popular Youtube channel, vlogging from various sites across the Holy Land.

Note that you can customize each tour. Each tour is its own project. Just contact us, and together we will amend any proposal of a Christian tour to Israel, matching it to your specific schedule and interests.