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Private Day Tours in Israel

Single Private Day Tours in Israel

Israel may seem small on the map but is packed with a wide range of tour destinations. Historical landmarks, holy sites, great nature reserves, and more. With so much to see and do, private tours in Israel are the best way to effectively explore the land. Check out the tour proposals listed below or contact us to set your own costumized dream tour in Israel!

Israel Day Tours With the Best!

mount of olives jerusalemWe cover an unpralleled range of destinations and attractions, and possibly combine them effectively with unique activities and experiences. From holy Jerusalem to the wonders of the Dead Sea and from the enchanting Galilee to the biblical heritage of the Shephela.

The tours are designed to depart from your hotel in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem, and can end at any given address. We can also start (or end) the tour at the airport for no additional charge. Led by one of our hand-picked expert guides, you are sure to get detailed explanations and first-class service.

With us, a private tour of Israel is sure to be a most memorable and great experience!