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Israel Tours for Seniors

jeruslaem golf cartTouring in a new place is an exciting adventure. It entails memorable experiences, trying new foods, and immersing yourself into a foreign culture and language.  However, it can also be quite exhausting, and especially for seniors, and/or people with certain physical disabilities. And Israel is no exception. The Old City of Jerusalem, for instance, cannot be toured by car. Even presidents and popes must walk there. This is also true for several holy destinations, national parks, nature reserves, etc. Traveling in a wheelchair can also be challenging. Not all sites are wheelchair friendly, and some do not have any alternatives to walking.

We specialize in private tours in Israel that can also be customized to seniors / people with special needs. Check out the tour proposals listed below:

Trips to Israel for seniors

Over the years we have indeed gained much experience in setting tours for seniors in the Holy land, while keeping the integrity of the trip. Below are several examples of how we modify a day-tour to ensure a successful experience. Nevertheless, contact us for any further questions on any of the seniors tours we propose, or any specific tour you wish to set.

Important note: If you have a handicap parking permit, please bring it with you, or send us a photo of it before the tour. This will allow us to park at the most convenient location at quite a few sites.