>  Masada and the Dead Sea Region Tour Options

Masada and the Dead Sea Region Tour Options

Set at the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating tour destinations in Israel. It’s still blue water reflecting the Judean desert cliffs forms captivating landscapes. These waters are also known for their therapeutic value, attracting people of all ages. Indeed, floating in water so rich in salt and minerals is an unparalleled experience. This region is also home of unique wildlife, beautiful water streams flowing in Ein-Gedi oasis, and several archaeological sites. Most famous is Masada, where 2000 years ago Jews favored death over Roman slavery.

With so much to see no wonder that Masada and the Dead Sea region are one of the most popular tour destinations in Israel. If this is your first visit, we recommend our classic introductory private tour to Masada and the Dead Sea. This tour can also include a visit to the Baptism site, and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We also offer a wide range of additional destinations and activities. How about an off-road tour to the Judean Desert? Or tracking the Copper Scroll treasures? We can also propose hikes in the Ein-Gedi oasis, a helicopter tour, and more. Our tours are all led by one of our expert guides, who will lead you through all stages of the tour, provide in-depth explanation, and first-class service.

See below all our tour proposals, or contact us, and together we will form an itinerary that will suit you best.