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Special Tours

If you’ve already toured most of the classical sites and destinations in Israel, this page is for you!. One of the things we’re proud of, is our ability to arrange special tours that will take you to new, and sometimes unheared of, destinations. These tours are carefully planned and revolve around a certain subject. They shed new light on fascinating subjects and places. These special tours relate to topics like the treasures of the Copper Scrolls, the Ark of the Covenant,  the ascension of David to the throne, sex scandals in the Bible, less known sites relating to John the Baptist, Jesus, Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin, the quest for Herod’s Tomb, the life around the Gaza Strip, off-road tours, exploring the Ramon Crater, reaching Petra, and more.

So, prepare your whip and hat, you’re headed off for an adventure!

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