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Documenting live shooting in Syria!

Mt. Bental is over 1000 m above sea level, and provides a stunning view of the Golan heights and into Syria.

While guiding Maryann and Stwart Young at the site in October 2013, we heard loud cannon shots.


A view into Syria from the top of Mt. Bental. When we arrived a civilian plane was fliying close to the border, and things seeemed very quite.

Usually these are IDF manuvers that I am used to. But this time the shots were coming from Syria!.

Soon enough I tracked with my binoculars smoke coming from one of the Syrian villages, about 7 km east of us.

There was no doubt in mind – we were witnessing the war in Syria!.

Being too far for my pocket camera to zoom to, I improvised, and had my camera fit the binoculars. I managed to get a descent photo of the smoke!.



Hearing cannon shots in Syria, there was no doubt in mind this is part of the war in Syria. tracing the smoke of the bomb, I improvised by setting my camera lens into my binoculars.


In the center of the photo one can clearly see the white smoke of the site bombed. Looks like the bomb fell in an open field, but very close to a Syrian village.

We later heard a few more cannon shots, but could not track any smoke. after 20 minutes we left, but with quite a unique experience.. – I never thought my tours will also include views of the war in Syria!..