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tour to a druze villageThe Druze is a monotheistic ethnoreligious community spread  by ad-Darazi in the 10th century in Muslim countries, and is represented today in Israel in several towns in the Galilee and in the Golan Heights.

The Druze in the Galilee are loyal to Israel and serve in the IDF. The Druze in the Golan Heights have been presured to preserve a loyalty to Syria, but are gradually acknowledging the Israeli presence and its benefits.


The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of the Druze faith. The Druze faith incorporates elements of Isma’ilism, a branch of Shia Islam, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Pythagoreanism, and other philosophies and beliefs, creating a distinct and secretive theology, based on an esoteric interpretation of scripture, which emphasises the role of the mind and truthfulness.

A 1951 video presentation of the Druze in Israel..