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Big Tour of Egypt

On the very day that marks 40 years since the peace initiative between Egypt and Israel, I am proud to offer, through cooperation with Walid Fathy, head of Egypt Tailor Made Tours, an exciting tour to Egypt!

But first let’s remember this great moment, November 19th, 1977, When Anwar Sadat  came to visit Israel, offered Menachem Begin , and replied positively, adding “No more war! No more bloodshed!!“.

Ready for it?..

Here we go!:

Day 1

Arrival at Cairo airport, WELCOME TO EGYPT!.

Transfer to Hotel.

Optional Felucca ride on the Nile  and / or  visit Cairo Tower 


O/N: Cairo


Day 2

The first day in Egypt is a “Pyramids Day”!. We start with a visit to the famous Pyramids of Giza  and the Great Sphinx of Giza .

We then continue to Memphis , ancient Capital of Egypt, and visit Mit Rahina Museum, including the Colossus of Ramses II, and the Alabaster Sphinx

We can also visit the new Imhotep Museum , but most famous is Saqqara  Necropolis, which bears, among others, the Step Pyramid , the Unas Pyramid , Teti Pyramid , and Saqqara Serapeum .

Alternatively we can drive to see the Dahshur Pyramids : The Red Pyramid , the Bent Pyramid , and the Black Pyramid .

O/N: Cairo


Day 3

Fly to Luxor , to join a five exciting days of cruising along the Nile with many spectacular Pharonic sites!. The first day will focus on the East Bank of the Nile, visiting Karnak Temple  and Luxor Temple , including optional night visit.

Optional drive to visit Dendera Temple Complex  (1.5 hours’ drive each way).

O/N: Nile cruise boat (docking in Luxor)


Day 4

The Second day in Luxor will be devoted to the famous burial sites and funerary monuments on the West Bank of the Nile.

We start with a visit to the  Valley of the Kings , where most of the Pharaohs were buried, including the famous unlooted tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun .

We will also visit the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepshut , the Colossi of Memnon , or Mortuary Temple of Ramsses III (“Medinat Habu”) , or the Mortuary Temple of Seti I .

Around noon the boat will start heading to Edfu.

O/N: Nile Cruise boat (while it cruises to Edfu)


Day 5

A sail along the nile will get us to the Temple of Edfu , a Hellenistic age center for whorshipping Apollo-Horus, and later to the Temple of Kom Ombo , a contemporary whorship cented to the Aligator god Sobek, and the Falcon god Haroeris.

O/N:  Nile Cruise (While it cruises to Aswan)


Day 6

Docking at Aswan Dam , we head to a 3 hours’ drive to the majestic Abu Simbel Temples 

3 hours’ drive back.

In the afternoon we can go for a Felucca ride on the Nile  around Elephantine Island and/or Kitchener’s Garden .

O/N: Nile Cruise (While stationed in Aswan)


Day 7

This morning will set for a sail and a visit of the Philae Temple  complex, and an optional sail to see Aswan Dam , and/or visit to The Unfinished obelisk .

We will then fly back to Cairo, and settle in for the night.

O/N: Cairo


Day 8

The last two days are devoted to exploring the Capital of Egypt – Cairo .

We start with a visit to famed The Egyptian Museum  where so many finds from sites we have visited are on display. We drive by Tahrir Square , and on to old Part of Cairo (“Fustat”) where we visit the Ben-Ezra Synagogue , the nearby The Hanging Church  and Sergius and Bacchus Church , and possibly drive to see also the historical Nilometer .

We will later have unique shopping options throughout Khan el-Khalili “el Moez” / Muizz Street  , and Street of the Tentmakers  (“Sharia Khayamia“).

O/N: Cairo


Day 9

The Second day of touring Cairo will begin with a visit to historical Saladin’s Citadel , and the nearby Coptic Cave Church / Simon the Tanner Monastery .

We can also have a stroll in Al-Azahar Park , as well as the unique “City of the Dead” / Cairo cemetery .

At the end of the day we head to airport for departure, or if we decide to extend the visit to see Alexandria , we head to a 4 drive to Alexandria .

O/N: Alexandria


Optional Extension Tour of Alexandria (requires 4 hours’ drive from Cairo at the end of Day 9)

Day 10

Waking up in Alexandria  we have a full day to explore its main arttactions, namel Pompey’s Pillar , the Kom el-Shoqafa Catacombs  and Kom El-Dikka .

We can also visit the new and impressive Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) , and its nearby Abu Al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque , and Citadel of Qaitbay .

If time and will permits, we can also drive to see Montaza Palace  and Stanley Bridge .

O/N: Alexandria


Day 11

4 hours’ drive to Cairo airport.

Departure. FAIRWELL!


Map of the Tour Plan

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