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Luxor Temple

The Luxor temple complex was constructed approximately in 1400 BCE, and was the cultic center of ancient Thebes. It was dedicated to the triad cult of Ra, Amun, and Mut. It was also known as the center for rejuvenation of kingship, and most of Egypt’s Pharaohs were crowned there.

During the Roman period the temple and its surroundings became a legionary fortress, but in following periods the complex was abandoned and completly covered up by sand and debris.

Its excavations tool place between 1884 and 1960, and today it is open to the public and presents one of the most impressive cultic center from Pharonic times. 

On the other bank of the Nile are more Pharonic sanctuaries: The Mortuary Temple of Seti I , of Hatseptshut , of Ramsses II , and of Ramsses III .


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An amazing 360 Degrees image inside Luxor Temple!

Computer generated 3d reconstruction video of Luxor Temple

And another one..

An Architectural Presentation of the Temple Complex