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Pompey’s Pillar

“Pompey’s Pillar”  is a massive column standing amidst the debris of the glorious ancient Rhakotis, later becoming Alexandria.  

For centuries the column, hewn from red Aswan granite, was one of the city’s prime sights: 30 m tall, and capped by a decorative Corinthian capital.

It rises out of the sparse ruins of the ancient  Temple of Serapeum, which stood here in ancient times. It is named after the Roman general Pompey, who was murdered in Egypt, but it was really erected in 291 CE to support of sculpture of Diocletian. The serapeum that stood here had a “daughter library” to the main one of Alexandria in Roman times. 

The Serapeum was attacked by Jews During the Jewish revolt in 115-117 CE, but was knocked down by the Christians in 391 CE. 

Next to the pillar one can also see a sphinx (brought from Heliopolis) and a Nilometer.  The Locals call it “Amoud Al Sawari”


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