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Elephantine Island

“Elephantine Island” is an island near the first Cataract  of the Nile (now Aswan dam ) , known in antiquity as “Abu”. It’s name meant both elephant and Ivory in ancient Egyptian. It’s name derives either from its shape which resembels an Elephants’ tusk, or due to its role in ivory trade in the past.

In antiquity the island was a worship center for the ram-headed God Khnum, who, among others, controlled the waters of the Nile from caves beneath the island. The site also had Two Nilometers , one of them still bearing Hieroglyphic numerals.

Some of the many discoveries made at the site by the German Archaeological institute  are on display at the nearby Aswan Museum, among them the mummified ram of Khnum, the Elephantine calender .

A cache of Aramaic documents dating to the 5th Century BCE found on the island reflect a Jewish colony that operated a local temple for the worship of Yahweh on the island, including animal  sacrifice.


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Points of Interest in the Area

Philae Temple
Abu Simbel Temples
Felucca sail 


A 360 Degrees image at Elephantine Island