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I Raised $25K to Excavate the Eastern Tower in Herodium! (2014)

herods tomb herodiumFollowing Patrich and Arubas, Shanks, and my own similar opinions, a few months ago I started raising money to excavate the eastern tower in Herodium  .

We all suspect the tomb found at Herodium by Prof. Netzer is grand, but it is NOT the tomb of King Herod.

Here is Shanks review.

And here is an interview of Patrich and Arubas. 

An outline of the project can be seen HERE.

On the eve of the New Jewish Year (24.9.14), I am happy to announce we have raised $20K from the an individual, and another $5k from BAS!.

Being so, in December 2014 we are going to conduct a new radar penetrating ground survey of the eastern tower, which will be followed by drilling into the tower and sending a remote controlled mini video camera inside.

To be Continued!..