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Extreme Activities

Speed Boats to Rosh Hanikra Grottoes

A GREAT way to explore the Rosh Hanikra Grottoes   by sailing in a speed boat from Achziv to the entry of the grottoes and next to the border with Lebanon. Extree, Exciting, and fun! Contact me for more information. . Points of Interest in the Area Akko Haifa Suspension Bridge .

Scenic Flights

SEE IT ALL FROM ABOVE! Scenic flights across the country, to all possible destinations! Wehther to Masada, over the coast or to the Golan Heights, a Private Helicopter flight is a great way to get anywhere, fast, in style, and with spectacular views on the way! Contact me for more information.

Diving with Dolphins in the Red Sea

One of the best expereinces when touring in Israel, and no experience or license needed! Just follow the instuctions of your personal instructor and slowly get use to breathing under water, and then gracfully dive along the coral reef while fish and dolphins swim around you!. An unbelieveable and unforgetable experience!  

Hot Air Balloon

A great unique way to explore Israel from above.  Flights taking off early in the morning in the Negev or in Jezreel valley, hovering over Biblical scenic landscapes. Contact me for more information. . .

NEW! – Motorcycle tour in the Judean Desert

A new unique great way to experience off-Road Israel!. Assuming you have a motorcycle driving license and experience, you can join, or set, a motorcycle tour across the country, covering classical destinations as well as hiddnen jems that can be reached only by off-road vhiecles. Contact me for more information. . .

Powered Parachute Flights

A very unique experience, hovering over the Holy Land with an ATV like vhiecle attached to a parachute! Contact me for more information. A “Selfie” Video of a 20 minutes fligt over the Sharon (USD$180) . A 40 minutes flight in the Sharon, including the shore cliffs ($350) . A 20 minutes Flight over Caesarea ($400) . Flights can also be done over various other destions, across the country.. Contact me for more details.. A flight over Masada   Professional Video + photos of the flight: $50  . .

Segway Tours

From ILS 149 per person, to various destinations –  in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the Safari in Ramat Gan, or wnywhere where else you want – as long as it is flat.. Operated by segways companies such as:  City of David (NIS 149), Segway Jerusalem, Zu-Zu, Segway on the move, Funtime,, Tiulei segway, Segs, segwaytlv,  and Segways. Important note!: I do not conduct these tours myself!. please contact one of the suppliers directly if you wish to conduct “just” a segway tour!.   . .

Zip Line

A high speed experience, 20 minutes drive south of Jerusalem, that could be combined with an ATV tour in the area of Gush Ezion.  . .


Definitely one of the most “extreme” experiences to experience in Israel!. We drive to Netanyah, where we meet veteran glider UDI DORON, head of the “ISREAL PARAGLIDING CENTER”. He will harness you to the parachute, and then fly with you over the cliffs of Netanyah, above the Mediterranean, for the most unforgettable 30 minutes of you life!. Contact me for more information. . .

Off-Road Bicycling

Bicycles can get you to the grocery, and bicycles can get you to the edge of the Ramon crater. You can also descend with them the cliffs above the Hulah valley, or the Burma road. A green, healthy and exciting way to explore and appreciate the beauty and history of Israel from a less reached view points. A bicycle tour in the Judean Desert . .


One of the most fun activities during a summer tour of Israel!. A few operators offer a kayak ride (either a 2 seats kayak, or a 4-5 seats) along the Jordan River  . Tours range from “family” style slow and scenic ride, to a 2.5 hours “extreme” slide in occasional rapids. . .  

Live Shooting

CZ, Glock, Jericho, Bareta, Tavor, Uzi, Micro Uzi, Galil, AK47, and various hunting guns. FOR ALL AGES!.  All with 0.22 ammo, and with a personal instructor. An even more extreme option is a high adrenalin Terror response training, conducted by an Elite unit trainer in a facility near Jerusalem (Caliber 3). Contact me for more information. Demonstration of a anti-Terror rresponce team training . .


Whether in the mountains of Eilat, the upper Galilee, or in the Golan heights; with an ATV, Tomcar, or a “mule”, ATV is one of the most exciting tours to experience in Israel. Contact me for more information.