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Private Tour of Jerusalem by Foot

private tour to Jerusalem

A full day tour of the old city of Jerusalem by foot  starts with meeting at Jaffa Gate , or in “Aroma” branch in Mamilla Pedestrian Mall  (If coming by car you can park it at Karta parking lot ).

With the Tower of David  in the back, it is a good spot also to introduce the historicla outline of Jerusalem, and then head into the Old City  .

holy sepulchre Jerusalem TourWe first head into the Christian Quarter , straight to the  Church of the Holy Sepulchre  , a complex built over the traditional sites of  Golgotha  and the Tomb of Jesus . Trying to comprehend the history, architecture, and politics of this significant site, we then walk along parts of the “Via Dolorosa , the traditional path from the site of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion, which will also take us along parts of the Christian Quarter  and the Muslim Quarter , including selection of the local market (Suq ). 

Western WallWe then continue into the Jewish Quarter  and reach the plaze of the famed Western Wall  . After a short break we ascend to the center of the Jewish Quarter  where we can have a lunch break, followed by a tour of the Cardo , the Hurva Synagogue , and possibly also the Burnt House  site.

Pemitting time and will we could also walk to Mount Zion  and visit the site of the “Last Supper” (Cenacle ), the King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion , or Dormition Abbey .

armenian quarterWe could then return to Jaffa gate along a nice walk along the Old City   walls, or enter back into the old city throught the Zion Gate  and walk along the Armenian Quarter .

Private Tour to Jerualem by Foot Map

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The cost of a private tour to Jerusalem starts at USD$550Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

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