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forms of payment

Providing my services since the days of Aravna the Jebusite, I accept many forms of payment: Slaves, Camels, sheep, goats, concubines, wheat, oil, and bronze ingots.

If however you prefer paying in small, light and transportable equivalents, you can choose one of the following options:


Biblical style payment:

ein gedi hoard

2/3 (“pym”) of a shekel, in silver currency, per day of labor. The shekel in Judaea is 11.34 grams (do not use the Phoenician currency! They cheat!), and so it is about 7.5 grams.

It’s cheap! – it is the cost of sharpening your plough! See in I Samuel 13:21: “And the charge was a pim for the plowshares..”!.

* I do not accept gold currency, because of the gold tax induced by King Hezekiah recently. Silver only. Thank you.


New Testament style payment:

octavian -antony

1 dinar per day of labor.

It’s cheap! – It is the daily cost of labor at the vineyard!. Even Jesus says so – Mat. 20:2!

And I will provide far more then grapes.. I can quote Cicero in Latin, Josephus in Greek, and even the book of the Hebrews (They call it “Bible”) in Hebrew!..


American style payment:


Most will prefer paying in funny looking green pieces of paper, bearin an an image of some emperor of king with a very funny haircut, and a Roman eagle like image next to it.

Although seems worthless to me (can’t melt it to make jewelry for my wife or concubine.), local merchants do seem to accept them, and give me meat and flour for them.

Some  recently mentioned a form of payment by a “plastic card”, but they said they don’t really give me the plastic card to keep. I don’t know if plastic is a rare metal or not. I’ll get back to you on this.